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by Doug E
Custom revolver sights

Dave Lauck, from D&L Sports, has been offering custom work on revolvers, including a snag-free combat rear sight, and matching front sight. Revolver work is just one of Mr. Lauck’s specialties, we’ve actually featured his custom-made precision rifles on TFB as well. Today, we’ll take a look at his custom revolver sights, but some of his photos will also show his capability with finish treatments as well.

Wheelguns @ TFB:

Mr. Lauck has been offering a full range of services for all of Smith & Wesson’s revolver frames, J, K, M, N, and X, from trigger and action tuning to surface finishing and sights. Mr. Lauck does his custom work based on specific customer requests, and can also optimize the wheelgun and its sights for a specific role, such as self-defense, hiking, hunting, or target shooting. It should also be noted that he doesn’t only work on Smith & Wessons and relayed that he was currently working on a Colt and a Ruger.

More direct to custom revolver sight work of Dave Lauck, he first zeros the sights to get the right measurements, then creates the right height sights from a blank tanged rear sight. He can also customize a brand new front sight based on the requested specifications, whether it be a gold bead, fiber optic, or inserting tritium vials for night sights. Once the sights are set to the right height, he then contours the rest of the sight to the gun to give it a blended aesthetic. The following quote is from the D&L Sports’ website.

Custom width rear sight notches, U shaped rear sight notches, as well as Gold bead front sight inserts, fiber optic inserts, and night sight inserts, with or without colored outer rings, can be fabricated per client request.

Due to the huge popularity of the D&L J frame revolver sight, they have been scaled up to fit the Smith and Wesson K, L, and N frame revolvers. This D&L fixed rear sight will screw directly on all modern Smith and Wesson revolvers with adjustable rear sights and three factory threaded screw holes in the top strap of the revolver.

Mr. Lauck’s rear sight work is $95, including the pre-shortened Torx screws for installation, while the front sight work is priced separately. Check HERE for the rest of Mr. Lauck’s S&W sight work photos and testimonials, or visit his website, to see all of his custom services. If you’re interested in using D&L Sports’ services, which revolver would you have worked on and how would you spec out the sights?

Thanks to Dave Lauck for sharing his work with TFB

Doug E
Doug E

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