Archive: April, 2022

HERA Arms CQR AK SILENCER SATURDAY #222: SIG SRD22X Review With The New SIG P322 TFB Review: Over 1,000 Rounds With The Springfield Hellion POTD: M110A1 CSASS - Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa Introducing the Unbranded AR UAR Standard AR-15 Lower Receiver Maxim Defense MKIV-SD The Link is a brainchild rifle sling between ANR Design LLC and Cole-Tac. The Link Sling is a 1″ webbing design rifle sling, stitched with Mil-Spec bonded Nylon thread. Mounted on the rifle, the forward section of the Link rifle sling has a 40″ length of pull, fully extended. The rear adjustment of the Link rifle sling has a 30″ total length of pull. Depending on the operator’s size, the length of pull easily allows plenty of slack to transfer the weapon system to the opposite shoulder of even the largest of end-users. The Link rifle sling is Berry Compliant and constructed of 100% US materials, assembled in New Hampshire and South Dakota at Cole-Tac facilities. Maxim Defense DSX-D Suppressor Sako Introduces the NEW Sako 100 Premium Hunting Rifle $2.1M USD in Radios, Lasers, and Optics Stolen from Fort Hood