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Matt E
by Matt E

In the past, I have written up reviews on both the single and double port P320 compensators from Parker Mountain Machine. Like many of you, I almost always have different gun projects in the works and I wanted to test out some different products for my smaller P320s. One of the more recent things that caught my eye was the P320 Micro compensator for compact and subcompact slide lengths. I have enjoyed shooting with the full-size compensators but the micro made me wonder how much performance can come from a small comp like that. I’ve had this set up installed the last few weeks and after around 850 rounds, I have enough time under my belt to tell you my thoughts. Let’s take a closer look at the PMM P320 Micro compensator.

Parker Mountain Machine @ TFB:


The P320 Micro comp comes as a barrel and compensator set. The barrel comes in three sizes for full-size, compact and sub-compact slides. Depending on what configuration you go with, you can create some cool combinations that not only aesthetically look great but also serve a purpose. The Micro comp is a condensed version of the PMM JTTC single port. The Micro comp and barrel combo set from PMM is known for 20-30% recoil reduction as well as cutting down on muzzle rise. These numbers are straight from Parker Mountain Machining and we will test them out.

The Micro comp that I picked up seems to be a smaller but polished version of the original single port compensator. For this test, I decided to pick up the 3.6″ subcompact barrel to replace my X Compact barrel. Combining that barrel/comp system with a compact frame, you almost have a perfect setup. The fit and finish look to be upgraded to a DLC coating as well. The overall quality of the barrel and comp looks to be improved from older generations. MSRP on the Micro comp and barrel kit is $355.

P320 Micro Compensator Range Time

The P320 Micro compensator and barrel system from Parker Mountain Machine has changed a bit from the previous models that I purchased a while back. Like I said earlier, the DLC coating on this Micro comp is very nice and uniform whereas the previous models tend to rub their finish off relatively quickly. Throughout my testing, I have almost 1,000 rounds through this setup and it looks factory new still.

Having a quality finish with properly lubricated handguns can go a long way prolonging the life of your firearm. Over the last few months, I have carried this P320 build and have really grown fond of it. The barrel and comp system makes shooting drills really fast and responsive, especially with double taps and quick target transitions. The recoil reduction does help with this since it allows you to get back on target faster than a standard pistol configuration.

Recoil Reduction

When it comes to recoil reduction, there really is a noticeable difference. I recently reached out to Parker Mountain Machine for any data on recoil reduction and they sent over some charts from testing the Micro comp. From the list of charts, it shows an average (depending on ammo choice) 20-40% reduction of recoil compared to a standard pistol without a compensator. Parker Mountain Machine recommends shooting 124gr 9mm ammo to break in and activate the compensator but I have had excellent luck with the 115gr 9mm ammo as well.

Photo Courtesy of Parker Mountain Machine

This compensator does have a noticeable effect on the overall performance of something smaller like this X Compact. The gun has considerably less recoil compared to the standard model. This allows you to fire faster without delays in getting back on target. It’s now a softer shooting gun that’s also easier to shoot under stress at a faster rate. There are a number of other positive benefits that come with installing a compensator.

Photo Courtesy of Parker Mountain Machine

Accuracy and Reliability

When it comes to accuracy, I have come to the conclusion you will shoot equally if not better with a compensated pistol versus a regular model. Throughout my testing, I took two Identical X Compacts and shot them side by side to see exactly which one shot better for me. For both, I used 124gr American Eagle ammunition from Federal. Out of the 5 groups I shot with each, I actually shot tighter groups with 3 of the 5 groups with the Micro comp with the other 2 groups almost being identical.

What was most interesting were the splits and overall time when comparing the traditional barrel versus the compensated barrel. With the compensated pistol, I shot either the same or better than a traditional barrel, but my overall time was less than the standard barrel times. Not only does it show the compensated barrels are more controllable while firing but offers the same if not better accuracy to the standard barrel.

In terms of reliability, the P320 Micro comp has been 100% reliable during my testing. The new Micro comp hasn’t had a single issue, but Parker Mountain Machine recommends putting 100-200 rounds of factory 124gr ammunition. This is pretty easy to do at the range and after my first range trip, I had roughly 275 rounds through the handgun.

Carrying With The P320 Micro Comp

A huge benefit to the P320 Micro comp system is the fact you can use standard P320 holsters with the compensator attached. On my holster, it protrudes out just a tad, but if you order something like a compact holster for the X Compact system with the Micro comp installed, it should be almost a flush fit. The overall size and weight of the compensator are unnoticeable when you’re carrying it around all day. I had it in a simple IWB claw holster with no light or anything else attached and I was extremely comfortable every time I carried it. The X Compact even with a compact grip is still smaller dimensionally than a Glock 19 while offering the same capacity so it’s a very enjoyable gun to carry all day long.

Overall Thoughts

So what are my final thoughts? This is my third compensator from PMM. Out of all three, the overall fit and finish on the Micro comp are of the highest quality. The P320 Micro comp had zero malfunction and seems to really help with shooting accurately faster. For the overall size and weight of the comp, I think it offers a benefit both at the range and when carrying. If you’re one of those people that enjoys building unique firearms, I would fully endorse this compensator for you.

What do you guys think about smaller compensators on carry guns? The science seems to be there both with this Micro comp and the Spectre Comp I reviewed a while back. Do you think it’s a benefit or do you prefer other systems? Let me know down in the comments below. If you have questions about these compensators or firearms in general, feel free to shoot me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there.

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Matt E

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  • Lee Woiteshek Lee Woiteshek on May 02, 2022

    I've had two of their comps. Not a fan of the mounting system. Agency Arms Sage Dynamics is head and shoulders a better system. Sadly, it's only for Gen V Glock 19's.

    • TimoTheoDoro TimoTheoDoro on May 03, 2022

      @Lee Woiteshek Nah Man, a good comp lets you get shimmy with it 😉

  • Noob Noob on May 03, 2022

    is this better than the old glock-style ported slides and barrels with the "V" of flames coming out the top of the slide?