Midwest Industries Releases AK Receiver Maintenance Block

Tim C.
by Tim C.

AK-specific maintenance tools aren’t all that common. Usually to prop your Kalashnikov upright in a vice one has to sacrifice a magazine or put the receiver itself inside the jaws. With the rising popularity of the AK, Midwest Industries has released their AK Receiver Maintenance Block to provide some much-needed help to this growing community. This maintenance block can not only hold your AK upright while you do things like installing fire control groups, replacing furniture, cleaning the rifle/pistol, field stripping and reassembling, but also has a spot that acts as a bench block and secures your bolt at the same time. This of course beats holding the bolt still with the side of your hand while you hold a punch and try to keep everything steady on a universal bench block.

More about AK’s @ TFB:

AK receiver maintenance block specs:

  • Compatible with most AK47 and AK74 variants (minor fitting may be required)
  • Able to hold complete firearm for maintenance
  • Allows for disassembly and reassembly of bolt
  • High strength polymer construction
  • Mounting holes for attachment to bench or alternative work surface
  • Multiple points of contact for vice use
  • Weight: 8.2oz
  • Height: 5.25”
  • Length: 5.25”
  • Width: 1.5”
  • 100% Made in USA

Midwest Industries currently has the AK Receiver Maintenance Block available on their website for $39.95. They also manufacture and sell a plethora of other AK accessories from their ever-popular handguards and stocks, to muzzle brakes, sling mounts, and modular side rail scope mounts. All of that can be found here on their web store. Is this something you’d add to your workbench? Comment below with your thoughts!

All images from Midwest Industries, www.midwestindustries.com

Tim C.
Tim C.

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  • Uncle Yar Uncle Yar on Apr 29, 2022

    Finally, the AK platform gets some product line geared towards maintenance.

    • Aono Aono on May 02, 2022

      @Uncle Yar But diesel and hammers have been around a long time though

  • Mike Cramer Mike Cramer on Apr 30, 2022

    Tapco made of of these years ago, no bolt disassembly thing tho, we just use whatever to bang it out and yell at it like a true AK-smith.