Grey Birch Solutions LaChassis TKD Takedown Chassis

Luke C.
by Luke C.
The LaChassis TKD Takedown Chassis from Grey Birch Solutions

You guys will remember Grey Birch Solutions for their high-quality Canadian-made Foundation Chassis series. The Foundation was a modular chassis system that allowed you to completely customize your 10/22 rifle down to the type of stock, grip, and forend attachments that you wanted (if any). Now Grey Birch is proud to introduce their new LaChassis TKD 10/22 Takedown chassis. Also, for a limited time, Grey Birch is offering a 5% off code for the new chassis until their first run is sold out.

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The LaChassis TKD Takedown Chassis from Grey Birch Solutions

Grey Birch Solutions LaChassis TKD Takedown Chassis

You asked for it so we made it!

LaChassis TKD, is a purpose built chassis for the beloved 10/22 takedown and it just got more compact and packable. It is a feature rich upgrade which includes:

  • Magwell Cutout for Easy Magazine Changes
  • AR Grip Compatible Mounting Point (Includes Grip)
  • Standard Picatinny Stock Mount (Compatible with all most Picatinny Mounted Stocks)
  • Modular 10″ Forend
  • Forend M-Lok and Arca-Swiss Compatible
  • Ambi QD Points on Forend & Stock
  • Folding Stock (Stock can be Locked in the Fixed Position)
  • Length of Pull and Cheek Weld Adjustment
  • Rear Tension Point, Double Locking
The LaChassis TKD Takedown Chassis from Grey Birch Solutions

The LaChassis TKD is fairly light weighing in at just 688 grams (1.51 pounds) so this is already looking good from a backpacker standpoint. The LaChassis also integrates a folding stock that itself incorporates ambidextrous QD points to go with the QD points on the forend which should make for quick setup from a stowed position. Just like the Foundation, you can use almost any AR-15 style grip that you’d like allowing for more personalized customization. At the time of writing, the LaChassis TKD is available for sale and in stock from for a price of $549.99. Customers can use code LACHASSISTKD to receive 5% off on their purchase of the new takedown chassis. In addition, Grey Birch is now also offering 0% financing through Sezzle if you don’t have half a rack sitting around and you really want to get one of these before supplies run out. Let us know what you think of the new LaChassis TKD down in the comments below!

All Photos Credit to Grey Birch Solutions

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  • Tonka Tonka on Apr 28, 2022

    If you finance a 22 stock, you’re an idiot… that is all.

  • Mazkact Mazkact on Apr 29, 2022

    That’s just silly, I mean the 10/22 takedown accuracy potential does not merit a chassis but I still want one 🤪