New CZ75B Competition Magazines Released by Mec-Gar USA

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by Luke C.
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Just after their 30th anniversary of being in business in the states, Mec-Gar USA is excited to announce the launch of their new 9mm 10 and 19-round CZ75B competition magazines. These new magazines make use of a 17-round magazine body with a pre-installed black aluminum +2 base pad. For the 10-round magazines (for use with Limited 10 and Production divisions) the magazine tube will be dimpled to restrict the capacity down to 10-rounds without affecting the fit or length of the magazines in the pistol.

More from Mec-Gar USA @ TFB:

New CZ75B Competition Magazines Released by Mec-Gar USA

New CZ75B Competition Magazines Released by Mec-Gar USA

These magazines are kind of a big deal for USPSA competitors who use CZ75Bs as the guns have to fit inside of a box that has internal dimensions of 8-5/19″x6″x1-5/8″ for the production division where you’re limited to 10-round magazines. Additionally, the magazines also need to meet specific length requirements and are often measured to make sure competitors aren’t cheating the system by sneaking in slightly longer magazines, for this purpose, Match directors will often use an EGW mag gauge to see if the magazines fit within the specified dimensions as determined by the rules.

These magazines will also be compatible with other popular CZ guns like the 85B, SP-01, Shadow, and Shadow 2 – all very popular within USPSA.

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According to Mec-Gar USA Vice-President David Kochol, “the magazines have the high quality and attention to detail expected of Mec-Gar magazines”, with the following attributes:

·Anti-friction coating which helps reduce malfunctions

·Body manufactured from carbon steel & heat treated for strength

·Spring manufactured from Type D music wire

·Aluminum basepad with a texture to aid in removing the magazine from the pistol

·Numbered witness holes for remaining-round calculation

Each of the new magazines will cost $66.25 from the Mec-Gar USA website and while that does seem expensive, it’s kind of par for the course when it comes to competition magazines meant for use within USPSA. Mec-Gar will also be selling these magazines through their network of retail partners meaning you’ll probably be able to find them on places like GunMagWarehouse and possibly even pick them up for sale in a bundle pack at some point down the road.

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If you compete in USPSA what are your thoughts on these new magazines? Will you still be sticking to your personally extended baseplates or would these Mec-Gar-produced 19-round magazines be worth looking into?

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