POTD: Swedish Platoon 1990

    Swedish Platoon 1990

    In our Photo Of The Day, we go back in time. This photo was taken on October 13, 1990, some 32 years ago. We have a collection of firearms used by the Swedish Army at the time – some are still going strong – like the Ak4 (H&K G3), Grg m/48 (Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle 84 mm), Ksp m/58 (FN MAG) all gathered around an off-road vehicle Tgb 20. The Swedish platoon soldiers in the picture all have the green Uniform m/59. Note that most of the Ak4s have bayonets mounted and that one has a riflescope (made by Hensoldt possibly, to make an Ak4 DMR version). It was around this time the new Ak5 (FN FNC) was introduced to units.

    The original caption is in Swedish (Source) and you can find a machine-translated text here:

    The Army’s contingency platoon was first organized in 1983.

    The platoon could intervene in various emergency preparedness projects and solve limited combat tasks in connection with these. They could also solve various surveillance tasks, and be able to intervene within the framework of the provisions of IKFN (Interventions, Violations, Peace and Neutrality).

    The platoon was about 40 men and was trained in two rounds – with the introduction of group leaders in January and for the second platoon in April.

    P 10 / Fo 43 was one of the units responsible for emergency platoons.

    Photo by RosĂ©n, Per-Olof (1947-). The original can be found here: Source. SRBA — Södermanlands Regementes Bildarkiv, Arsenalen.