TFB B-Side Podcast: New Primers? Richie with Expansion Industries

Luke C.
by Luke C.
TFB B-Side Podcast: New Primers? Richie with Expansion Industries

Those who reload will know all too well the struggles we’ve faced over the last couple of years when it comes to finding primers for our home-rolled ammunition. Near the start of the global pandemic, a combination of factors led to a bum-rush on reloading components and while projectiles, powder, and press remained more or less plentiful, primers almost became extinct except for extremely inflated deals from predatory scalpers and of course primers going directly from the big four primer manufactures to all of the big ammunition plants. Enter Expansion Industries – a new dog in the fight. A while back we covered the announcement about their new primer production facility but many of you remained skeptical that Expansion Industries would just follow the same path that the big four did – ignoring customers like you and me and just focusing on large corporate contracts. Today our guest Richie Smissen, one of the three co-owners of the family-owned Expansion Industries is here to alleviate your fears about the company’s goals, motives, and mission statement. Wondering where they got the funding to start up their production? Listen in and learn! After speaking with him about his company, their story, and what they want to do, I think you’ll all be excited to hear what he has to say.

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TFB B-Side Podcast: New Primers? Richie with Expansion Industries
TFB B-Side Podcast: New Primers? Richie with Expansion Industries

TFB B-Side Podcast: New Primers? Richie with Expansion Industries

Expansion Industries is probably better known for their brand of training ammunition – Expansion Ammunition. However, as you’ll discover today, Expansion Industries is setting out to do more than just produce high-quality range and training ammunition. Our guest and one of the three principal owners of the family-owned and operated Expansion Industries Richie gives us the inside scoop today on Expansion Industries’ new primer production facility that aims to get out primers to handloaders like you and I.

In today’s episode, Richie goes over the company’s history, company culture, and shares with us some of the struggles and hurdles they’ve had to overcome to help get this new facility up and running to give the reloading market what it wants. Please welcome Richie Smissen from Expansion Industries to the program.

Richie, his brother and father - owners of Expansion Industries
A recent Job Fair hosted by Expansion Ammunition for staffing the new facility

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  • Ej  harbet Ej harbet on Apr 22, 2022

    Id love to see new primers on the shelves for under the price of previd 9mm ball

  • Ricksimm Ricksimm on Apr 23, 2022

    Don't get you hopes up just yet. I have not seen anything to indicate that they are producing primers for the general public.
    Talk is cheap and I doubt you will see primers on the shelf anytime soon.
    The two manufacturers in the United States are using the vast majority of the primers for their own ammunition and then selling the rest to FFL 06 holders.
    In the past, I have purchased over 500,000 a year and I am not looking for that quantity to be available for years to happen again.

    • Luke C. Luke C. on Apr 27, 2022

      @ricksimm Did you listen to the podcast?

      Richie is one of the three principal owners of the company and he explicitly stated these are going to be both on store shelves and avaialble online before the end of the year. Furthermore Richie even says in the podcast that they are producing primers and reloading supplies for the reloader at home - not for ammunition companies.