Concealed Carry Corner: New Items To Start Carrying

Matt E
by Matt E
Concealed Carry Corner: New Items To Start Carrying

One of the best ways to look at common trends in the gun community is lurking around your local gun shop. Like a small troll sneaking around the gun shop, one of my favorite things to do is eavesdrop on what people say about new conceal carry options. Whether it’s gun or gear, I’ve heard a number of interesting perspectives on a wide variety of gun topics. Everything from “10mm is more reliable than 9mm” to “people should carry two guns instead of a spare magazine“. Throughout my time listening to other people, there are a few things people should try that may make their life easier in the long run. I’m not saying these options will be the best thing around but they may help you out. Let’s take a closer look at some new items to start carrying.

A Quality Handheld Flashlight

If I had to stress carrying one thing on your body every day, it would have to be a simple handheld light. Weapon lights are cool and make you look real high speed, but they end up adding bulk and if you only have a weapon light, you’ll end up abusing its purpose. Now I’ve seen this in both the concealed carry world as well as my boys in blue do this. Just three days ago I was talking to a local police officer who was showing me security cam footage. I realized their firearms were out and asked why they were armed for a simple alarm. He said it was the only light the officers had on them so they just used their weapon light.

It’s important to keep in mind that everything you point the weapon light at, you’re also pointing the muzzle of your handgun at. That’s a big no-no when it comes to firearm safety, to put it mildly. Carrying a simple handheld flashlight lets you see in the dark without misusing your firearm. Don’t get me wrong, having a weapon-mounted light gives you a lot of advantages as well but having a simple handheld flashlight you can use in everyday situations is more beneficial in my opinion. Some of the older Surefire models that have been upgraded with LED internals are rather cheap. Streamlight also makes some high-quality but affordable options as well so both would be a great option to consider. Having a light on your person will help you out every day as well as give you options for self-defense at night.

Pocket Carrying

When I first started carrying, there were a ton of people who looked down on individuals who carried a handgun in their pockets. With the explosion in micro and compact handguns, there’s no better time to give pocket carrying a try. Carrying something like a mid-size or full-size Glock can be great for capacity and giving that confidence to people. There are some days though when you just want to head up to the store without getting completely strapped up. Those early morning trips or times when you’re feeling under the weather is perfect for carrying a smaller gun right inside your pocket.

There will be people out there who say pocket carry is the lazy man’s way of carrying a concealed handgun, but it’s a better method than carrying nothing at all. Pocket carry simplifies life and when the weather starts to get hotter outside, having a firearm in your pocket instead of rubbing on your body all day will save you from the dreaded concealed carry heat rash. If you haven’t tried carrying a smaller gun in your pocket yet, I would say give it a spin! It may just change your perspective. Pocket carrying certainly makes carrying a firearm easier in certain situations.

Off-Body Carrying

Now this one may be the most controversial on the list. Carrying off the body isn’t the best option for everyone because it makes it easier to steal the gun since it’s not physically on your body. Even with all the disadvantages of off-body carry, there are still some real perks to it. One of the biggest benefits of off-body carry is having a firearm while walking around with a toddler or child. Kids like to fling their feet and oftentimes will pull your shirt up when they are being carried around in your arms. Having a sling bag that’s easy to deploy will allow you to carry safely without worrying about brandishing your firearm in public.

The classic Fanny Pack carry is a great option. It may look like you're a tourist from the midwest but no one will suspect you're carrying a firearm.

In my opinion, having a good sling bag or backpack also gives you the option to carry extra magazines, med kit or insert armor if you really feel the need. Being able to carry a little more typically gives peace of mind going on with your day making you feel that much more confident. There is a lot to be said for items that give you a sense you’re doing everything you can for self-defense. Having a firearm in a sling bag or backpack is better but carrying in a purse or something that is associated with anything of value is still a bad idea in my book. I would avoid carrying in a purse or briefcase since there may be valuables like money or laptops in the bag. A regular sling bag or backpack is a much better way to go.

Overall Thoughts

Now I will be the first person to admit that it’s pretty easy to fall into your routines and use the same gear day in and day out. Having a consistent way to carry your firearm will allow you to draw fast consistently and it’s a great way to be. On the other hand, it’s never a bad idea to look at various parts of your everyday gear to see what you can upgrade or ways to improve your quality of life. Simple things like having a small handheld flashlight can quickly prove to be useful.

Mixing up your carry style to include things like pocket carry will let you carry more comfortably which will ultimately lead to you carrying a firearm more often. None of these are set in stone, but I think it’s important to look at different methods and see if they can benefit your life at all. Let me know what you guys think are some other good options to consider when it comes to carrying concealed down in the comments below. If you have questions about carrying concealed or firearms in general, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there.

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Matt E
Matt E

I'm an avid shooter and love educating whether it's at my job or in the shooting community. I'm an average joe that really loves talking with other people about firearms and other passions.I'm active on Instagram on @fridgeoperator.

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  • David Bill David Bill on Apr 23, 2022

    "It’s important to keep in mind that everything you point the weapon light at, you’re also pointing the muzzle of your handgun at" The author needs some time actually training with a WML. If he had some he'd know that quality WMLs provide more than enough light via spill that they can easily illuminate rooms and the like without having to have the gun and light actually pointed at where they want to look.

    • Phillip Cooper Phillip Cooper on Apr 24, 2022

      @David Bill You still have to draw the weapon. Hello, brandishing charge!

  • BeoBear BeoBear on Apr 26, 2022

    There's no difference in carrying in a purse or a fanny pack, except that carry purses are designed for that purpose and a better option in my opinion. I assume your reasoning is that a bad guy would assume there are valuables in a purse but that's also the main purpose of fanny packs. No bad guy is going to rob you of your wallet and not your fanny pack. Also, carry purses are designed specifically for carry and are better suited for the task than a fanny pack. My particular purse is a crossbody with a fast access compartment for my gun accessible for right or left hand use. The strap has steel cable in it so that it can't be cut. Even if someone caught me off guard, the gun compartment is accessible to retrieve my gun while removing the purse. Try to open your fanny pack while Bad Guy is telling you to hand it over and you'll most likely be shot.

    Neither a fanny pack or a carry purse are an ideal method of carry but they are both a good compromise. I think your idea that someone would steal your purse but not your fanny pack is flawed.