100th Anniversary Rifle Ammo Limited Edition Packaging from Federal

    Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Rifle Ammo Packaging from Federal

    Federal Premium Ammunition was started by Charles L Horn on April 27th, 1922 in Anoka Minnesota. Fast forward 100 years and Federal Premium is one of the most prolific ammunition manufacturers in the United States offering a full lineup of training, self-defense, hunting, and competition ammunition to its customers. In honor of this 100-year achievement, Federal Ammunition has announced the release of their special-edition 100th Anniversary Rifle Ammo Packaging featuring throwback designs circa 1963.

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    100th Anniversary Rifle Ammo Limited Edition Packaging from Federal

    For Federal Ammunition fans that are looking for a bit of nostalgia, this classic packaging option on select rifle loads is a really fun option,” said Mike Holm, Federal’s Product Director of Rifle Ammunition. “In celebration of Federal’s 100-year anniversary, this limited retro packaging is the perfect addition to any collectors’ shelves, or ready to head to the field and be put to use.

    Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Rifle Ammo Packaging from Federal

    The new packaging will be available in limited quantities which seems like this would make them collector’s items. However, if they are all you can find on the shelf or online, then you’ll be interested to know that the 100th anniversary rifle ammo packaging will still contain the same quality ammunition you’ve come to expect from Federal. The ammunition will feature the same performance as the Federal Premium’s Power-Shok equivalent and as of right now, only rifle ammunition in .30-30 Win, .30-06 Sprg, and .45-70 Govt have been released on the Federal Premium website. These offerings will be available in 150-grain, 180-grain, and 300-grain offerings respectively.

    Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Rifle Ammo Packaging from Federal

    Federal will also soon be offering limited edition packaging for their handgun and shotshell loads that follow the same vein of commemorating Federal Premium Ammunition’s 100 years of being in business and producing ammunition for American customers. My only wish is that they’d also bring back the super hot 1963 ammunition prices! Let us know what you think of this new commemorative packaging from Federal!

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