WDS 2022: BW20 Family of Weapons from Pakistan

    WDS 2022: BW20 Family of Weapons from Pakistan

    At the World Defense Show 2022 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan Ordnance Factory (POF) presented the BW20 family of weapons for the first time. In December last year, the first video of the BW20 rifle was published on Youtube. While the original video only featured a standard battle rifle with a 16-inch barrel, at the expo in Riyadh, POF showcased two other rifles, a carbine with a 12-inch barrel and a designated marksman rifle with a 20-inch barrel. All three rifles are chambered for 7.62×51 and use polymer AR-10 magazines.

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    The carbine version of BW20 is called “Assaulter”. While many would be skeptical about a short-barreled 308, it can still be quite effective up to 400 meters. Also, the Pakistani Army has a concept of a “CQB weapon”, a shorter and lighter service rifle used by LE and some support units. At the moment, this role is fulfilled by Type 56 – Chinese AK rifles.

    WDS 2022: BW20 Family of Weapons from Pakistan

    BW20 “Assaulter”, the carbine version of BW20

    In this prototype, the slot for the charging is on top of the handguard, unlike standard G3, where the charging handle is on the left side. However, according to a POF representative, the production version will have a traditional charging handle position. Other features are identical to the rest of the members of the BW20 family: adjustable stock with a massive cheek riser, AR-10 style safety, and magazine release.

    As I mentioned in the previous post, the main feature of this rifle is the fact that you can manufacture it on machines and equipment meant for G3 rifle production. Many countries still have that equipment, but don’t want to produce G3 anymore, so production of BW20 can potentially revive those old factories.

    The DMR version of the rifle has a 20-inch barrel.

    WDS 2022: BW20 Family of Weapons from Pakistan

    The DMR version of BW20

    At the moment, the exact accuracy potential of this rifle isn’t specified, but the accuracy results of BW20 with a 16-inch barrel indicate that the rifle is capable of consistent 2 MOA groups at 400 meters.

    WDS 2022: BW20 Family of Weapons from Pakistan

    BW20 accuracy test at 400 meters

    Considering the fact that Pakistan planned to replace the G3 rifle since 2015, there is a chance BW20 will become the new Pakistani service rifle in the near future, unless the military decides to choose one of the firearms they previously tested: SCAR-H or ARX-200.

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