New CUDA RX-795 Smart Red Dot Sight

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    CUDA Optical Products is a new brand of weapon sights established by Zvetco, a Florida company specializing in biometric technologies. CUDA have launched their first red dot sight, the RX-795, at SHOT Show 2022 where I had a chance to take a look at it, and the reason I call it smart is that it is literally packed with high-tech features, like a smartphone.

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    CUDA RX-795 is a non-magnified micro reflex sight. The housing is made of 6061 aluminum. The sight is shockproof, fog proof and waterproof with an IPX7 rating. The dot is available in red or green color options and in 3-MOA or 6-MOA sizes. The dot automatically turns on when the sight detects motion and can turn off as fast as after two seconds of inactivity (it is possible to set a custom turn-off time to up to 10 minutes). The CUDA RX-795 is powered by a single CR1632 battery and has an advertised battery life of 10 years in standby mode. The windage and elevation are adjustable in 1-MOA increments. The sight has a Docter mounting footprint and also comes with a Picatinny rail adapter. The overall weight of the CUDA RX-795 red dot sight is 1.34oz (38g) and it has the following dimensions (L x W x H): 1.93″ x 1.06″ x 1.14″ (49mm x 27mm x 29mm).

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    With the common specs out of the way, let’s see what special features CUDA RX-795 sight has.

    IntelliDOT. Maintains ideal reticle brightness in changing light.

    Self-Diagnostics. Automatically performed after every use. Tests are conducted on the LED, light and motion sensors, as well as the battery.

    Battery Level Check. Automatically performed during Self-Diagnostics (see previous bullet) or can be initiated on-demand through the Settings Menu. Results of on-demand tests are indicated by a combination of audible tones and LED flashes.

    Personalized Intensity. Specify your personal “Intensity Offset” for IntelliDOT to use each time it calculates your reticle’s intensity, so it’s always just as bright as you like it.

    Micro Speaker. For low battery alerts, diagnostic test results, and to provide audible confirmation when using the Settings Menu. Audio is enabled by default but can be disabled in the Settings Menu.

    Settings Menu. Accessed using tap controls (see next bullet) instead of buttons to increase/decrease reticle intensity, change default settings, and initialize diagnostic and battery tests.

    SecureTaps. Each tap to access the Settings Menu must pass a security check. This guarantees your preferences can never be accidentally altered through normal use.

    Military-Style Hybrid Flex PCB. Flexible circuit boards increase vibration resistance, improve durability, reduce, size and weight, and help eliminate the need for extra mechanical connectors.

    Cuda ClearVision Lens. Engineered to minimize light artifacts, remove optical distortion, and provide a clearer sight picture.

    Probably the most interesting feature is the IntelliDOT. It automatically adjusts the selected brightness of the dot to the ambient light. Here is how the company describes how IntelliDOT works:

    An ambient light sensor, specifically tuned for the human eye, continually measures light at your target. Data collected by this sensor is used to make imperceptible adjustments to the reticle’s intensity so that it appears to remain the same intensity, even in changing light.

    At SHOT 2022, CUDA isolated part of their booth to be able to control the light there and demonstrate the IntelliDOT feature. I did try that and it indeed adjusts the dot brightness to the ambient light changes seamlessly. You don’t really notice it changing but you know it does because you always have a dot of just-right brightness for any given ambient light intensity.

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    Another interesting design feature is the system of programming the sight using the taps. In the below-embedded video, the company shows how to navigate through the sight settings menu using the tap controls and their SecureTap system that ensures the settings won’t change from accidental taps.

    The function and operation of each of the special features are thoroughly described and explained in the user manual of CUDA RX-795 sight which you can download HERE.

    At the moment of writing this article, the CUDA RX-795 sight is not yet available and no MSRP is quoted. To be notified about the availability of this reflex sight, register on the CUDA Optical Products website or keep reading The Firearm Blog as we’ll make sure to let you know when it hits the shelves.

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    New CUDA RX-795 Smart Red Dot Sight (7)

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