SILENCER SATURDAY #224: NFA News, Announcements, and Musings

by Pete

Good afternoon everyone and welcome back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the YHM R9 multi-caliber suppressor. Last week we went full auto with SIG Sauer’s new 3D printed rifle suppressors. If you remember from the video, it was raining, creating a soothing back drop for bursts of 5.56mm. Well, it’s still raining, so we are staying indoors this weekend where I will quietly read the NFA news while you sip a spot of tea.

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After contacting 327 dealers across the country, I finally hit Knight’s Armament pay dirt. The new KAC 5.56 QDC/CQB suppressor is on a Form 3 and will eventually sit on an 11.5” KAC SR-15 upper for an upcoming review. I’m pretty excited. For those who don’t know, the QDC suppressors are nearly impossible to find right now due to government contract fulfillments.

I’m still on the hunt for a full size version and the KAC 7.62 QDC or QDC CQB for future Silencer Saturday reviews. I will be paying a finders fee for those that are reasonably priced and are ready to transfer on a form 3. I reserve the right to deny hand sketches, digital representations, or any other non-functional suggestions.

SILENCER SATURDAY #224: NFA News, Announcements, and Musings

Our friends at Open Source Defense discussed eForm 4s this week. These guys always have such a good take on modern-day firearm ownership and individual freedoms. If the were to start a political party, religion, or cult, I’d probably first in line to join.

Credit: Open Source Defense

First, the data. From the self-reported wait times on /r/nfa, eForm 4 approvals take 60-70 days. That’s still a long time, but it’s an 80% improvement over the paper Form 4. And remember the model above: when feedback loops get faster, the gains are nonlinear.

The post also highlights Jay Idriss from PewScience who is evaluating suppressors using innovative techniques.

Jay Idriss started the company in 2019 to do “independent sound signature testing for suppressed weapon systems”. In other words, he tests hundreds of suppressor-gun combinations and rates how well their sound is suppressed.

PewScience just tested the Banish 30 Gold from Silencer Central that demonstrated great performance.

Credit: PewScience

I am still planning on having Jay on the podcast to have a long discussion about, well, silencers.

Speaking of the podcast, we’ve posted up a good amount of interviews from SHOT 2022. Here’s a few silencer related guests if you haven’t had the chance to listen recently. A huge thank you to Luke C. who handles all the post production for TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast.

Mike Pappas is always a crowd pleaser. I miss you Mike. Not like that.

TFB's Behind The Gun Podcast - Mike Pappas, Dead Air Silencers

Travis Bundy is the Gandalf or Dumbledore of the silencer world. He’s brought all of his experience from Gemtech over to Maxim Defense.

TFB's Behind The Gun Podcast - Travis Bundy, Maxim Defense
TFB's Behind The Gun Podcast - Brandon Maddox, Silencer Central

News from the Net:

Upcoming Reviews:

A look at the weekends ahead.

Thank you for reading. Be safe, have fun and we’ll see you back next weekend for another Silencer Saturday.

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  • Brett baker Brett baker on Apr 16, 2022

    Got my third .22 can today, finally! A year and 4 days. Hope to try it out later this week.
    And Pete, that is way too much dedication to your job. Calling 300+ dealers trying to find a KAC. Most of us can't afford that amount of flex for our cans!

    • See 9 previous
    • Andrew Andrew on Apr 19, 2022

      @Aono The Mask really does excel in FRP.

  • Aono Aono on Apr 17, 2022

    Congrats on the QDC! I'm so curious how this compares to the RC2, am in the market for a 14.5" Mod 2 upper. The collet mounting and MAMS porting make the QDC highly interesting. Jay's also looking for one as I'm sure you're aware, hint hint..

    The Maxim podcast was revealing because who knew that some of Gemtech's brain trust was involved? I don't think the CGS Micro can was mentioned though and I'm curious how they came to that partnership.

    • See 1 previous
    • Aono Aono on Apr 17, 2022

      @Pete - TFB Editor In Chief Awesome, got your MAMS ready? I think that the MAMS ports are designed to flow directly into the can, but whether that's coaxial or some reflex chamber is a mystery to me.