Friday Night Lights: Villain Weapon Systems Gen 2 DBAL D2 LSD Diffuser

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C
Friday Night Lights: Villain Weapon Systems Gen 2 DBAL D2 LSD Diffuser

Friday night is upon us once again. In today’s Friday Night Lights we will take a look at a clever little upgrade for a Steiner DBAL D2 and SPIR illuminator. Last fall, Villain Weapon Systems announced their LSD (light shaping diffuser) for the DBAL D2. It was a simple yet effective upgrade for the DBAL D2 multi-function aiming laser (MFAL). With their LSD diffuser, you can quickly shape the IR illuminator from tight hot spot to a wider beam with the flip of a cap rather than twisting the beam shaping head.

Steiner DBAL @ TFB:


Original Gen 1 LSD diffuser

VWS’ original Gen 1 LSD diffuser was merely a simple cap with a diffusing element. Normally the DBAL D2 has a simple lens cover on a bikini strap to block the IR illuminator and protect it when the cover is on. The DBAL D2 can adjust the IR illuminator beam but the rotating head requires an almost full 360º revolution to go from a tight hot spot to a wide flood. Also, the friction of the head is pretty stiff. With the LSD diffuser, you just keep the D2 illuminator on a tight hot spot and flip the cap over to diffuse it.

DBAL D2 lens cap next to Gen 2 LSD diffuser

Well, last February they collaborated with HRF Concepts to make a better-looking and more functional cap.

HRF designed a new cover that sits better on the D2 illuminator. Now there is no light leaking between the illuminator head and LSD diffuser. Also, HRF designed scalloped cuts into the edge of the diffuser. This is to help keep the LSD diffuser in place when you flip it to the side.

LSD diffuser scalloped side cuts index on the side of the D2 illuminator body.

The D2 Light shaping diffuser (LSD) is a ruggedized illuminator diffuser to replace the standard illuminator cover that comes with your DBAL D2.

Simply flip the diffuser in front of your illuminator and instantly change the focused, long range illuminator into a short-range, flood illuminator. The diffuse flood illumination is best suited for close range and indoor use.

This effectively doubles the functionality of the already powerful D2 illuminator by giving you fast access to short and long range Illumination with the flick of a finger.

  • No more twisting the focusing ring to adjust the intensity of your illuminator.
  • No more having the D2’s fully focused illuminator autogate your Night Vision while indoors.
  • No more having Automatic Brightness Control activate because of your illuminator (causing loss of information in your periphery, and the possible over exposure your target)
  • No more dealing with that useless, fragile illuminator cover that ships with your D2 (which always seems to rip off the first time you use it anyway!)

GENERATION 2: Protective & Functional Housing

Thanks to our new partner HRF Concepts, the DBAL D2 Light Shaping Diffuser is now housed in a durable, nylon polymer chassis; this allows allows our diffusive element and sacrificial-lens system to be securely seated and sealed. Aside from the new housing’s obvious aesthetic upgrade, the new HRF x VWS Diffuser now indexes perfectly in front of the DBAL Illuminator when flipped. This remedies the common complaint of the Gen 1’s inability to flip and “lock” directly in front of the illuminator.

Blooming out the sides of the diffuser is now a NON-ISSUE thanks to the completely opaque nylon polymer material of the new housing. This effectively acts as a “light seal,” allowing all of the mighty D2’s illuminative power to be thrown downrange, and not back into your Night Vision.

While the D2 LSD is not ballistically rated, it may protect the emitter from simulation projectiles, incoming debris, and the occasional knock against a doorframe while clearing rooms. Since the diffuser is meant for CQB illumination, it is recommended you flip it on to gain the aforementioned durability benefits.

The included FKM Milspec O-ring’s give excellent abrasion, ultraviolet, and heat restistance all while maintaining a high elasticity for a secure fit. Please be advised that muzzle blast can rupture the O-ring if the diffuser body is too close to a muzzle device. We include 2 extra O-rings should anything happen. IF you need to replace o-rings, feel free to contact us for extra ones or pick up 3/8″ID x 1/2″OD x 1/16″ CS size rings.

There are two diffuser options: Narrow and Wide. VWS marks them accordingly on the side of the LSD diffuser housing.

The D2 narrow hot spot is reported by Steiner to be 2º divergence.

Narrow Flood. Best for short-to-mid range use. Similar to the widest setting on the D2 Illuminator.

Light Transmission: 70%

Angular Diffusion: 25°

Wide flood. Best short range use. Similar to the MAWL C1+’s flood illuminator setting.

Light Transmission: 60%

Angular Diffusion: 60° (+- 5°)

The Steiner SPIR has a similar IR illuminator as the DBAL D2 so the VWS LSD diffuser will work for it as well.

Friday Night Lights: Villain Weapon Systems Gen 2 DBAL D2 LSD Diffuser

Here are some beam shots I took with my full spectrum Sony A7S. These were taken at 100 yards away.

No diffuser. DBAL D2 illuminator set to a tight hot spot.
Narrow LSD Diffuser
Wide LSD diffuser

Final Thoughts

The Gen 2 LSD diffusers retail for just $65. You can choose between 25º, 60º and a third option. That third option is for a black-out cover. No diffusing of the light at all. I do not see many people getting that unless you are replacing the factory lens cover because you lost it. The VWS LSD diffuser really helps the DBAL D2 become more useable. I always liked the illuminator on the D2 but twisting the head to change the beam shape was not fast or efficient. The VWS LSD diffuser changes that to make it very easy and very useful. For more information go to their website.

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Nicholas C

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  • Noob Noob on May 04, 2022

    That is actually really useful - if the hot spot is too bright the contrast just vanishes and a tree root across your bath is just as blindingly white as the ground around it. a diffuser makes a powerful light useful up close