POTD: The Purdey US Centenary Gun

Hrachya H
by Hrachya H
The Purdey US Centenary Gun (1)

Today’s Photo Of The Day is a set of pictures of a special James Purdey & Sons shotgun dubbed the US Centenary Gun. This shotgun was created in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Athol Purdey’s first sales trip to the United States of America. This special Purdey gun was unveiled in January of the current year, at Dallas Safari Club Convention.

The Purdey US Centenary Gun (2)

As a result of the 1922 trip to the New World, James Purdey & Sons designed their first Over & Under shotgun based on the interest of American shooters. The Purdey US Centenary Gun is also an O&U and it’s chambered in 20 gauge, which according to Purdey is a “design and calibre combination that has been very popular with our American clients, and a perfect all-round gun for North America“.

The Purdey US Centenary Gun is embellished with engravings executed by Phil Coggan and has a french-fit exhibition-grade motor case made by Vincent Rickards.

The Purdey US Centenary Gun (3)

The engravings include the image of Athol Purdey based on the photo taken in Manhatten during his US trip, the image of RMS Olympic which he traveled on and the Commodore Hotel where he stayed during the trip. The grip cap is engraved with the dates of the first Purday visit to the United States.

Pictures by James Purdey & Sons, www.purdey.com

Hrachya H
Hrachya H

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  • Ian Roth Ian Roth on Apr 16, 2022

    Weird flex, but okay.

  • Nickolas sokaluk Nickolas sokaluk on Apr 17, 2022

    i love how tbf shows lots of pics of super expensive guns with lots of full length shots so those of us who will never be able to see or own one will get to see how they look, then there's the great detail they go into about how they're made and what differentiates this model from others etc, way to go tbf