3 Panther Products X95 TG-C Grip: Cutlass Crossed With Pistol Grip

    If you are an IWI X95 owner you know that there is a factory pistol grip option. I wrote a review on this factory pistol grip a while back. Well, almost six years later the pistol grip is still hard to get. Six years ago, 3D printing was not as it is now. Now you have companies pumping out their own parts using multi-jet fusion 3D printing and they are strong and robust. 3 Panther Products is such a company and have made their own TG-C Grip for the Tavor X95.

    X95 @TFB:

    The factory pistol grip helps to solve a minor issue with the X95 cutlass grip. It adds a trigger guard. With the cutlass grip, there was no trigger guard so it is possible for your hand to slide up and have a finger behind the trigger. With the 3 Panther Products TG-C Grip you have both a trigger guard and cutlass guard.

    The TG-C Grip uses an M6x45 screw instead of the long screw used in the factory pistol grip. You can see the geometric texture pattern below. The TG-C grip has a finger groove that I wish was not there but it is not a major problem for my hand.

    TG-C grip

    Photo by 3 Panther Products

    The TG-C Grip weighs just 4 oz including the mounting screw.

    Photo by 3 Panther Products

    Here is the TG-C Grip installed on my X95.

    The TG-C grip sells for $59.99. That is a bit more than the IWI pistol grip which is just $29.99 but IWI is sold out of every color. The TG-C Grip only comes in black so if you have an FDE or ODG X95, you will have to live with a black grip or Cerakote it. For more information on this grip go to the 3 Panther Products website.

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