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Finnish Lynx Rifles are known for their straight-pull bolt action rifle design. The company has recently announced the next generation of their rifle dubbed Lynx TD21. Compared to the previous generation of Lynx rifles (TD15), the new Lynx TD21 is lighter and features a larger ejection port, fluted bolt, redesigned bolt release lever and trigger guard. Let’s take a closer look at this new feline.

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The new Lynx TD21 in .308 Win with polymer stock and 510mm (20″) barrel weighs 3.5 kilograms (lbs) which is a half a kilogram (about a pound) weight reduction over the previous model. The company achieved this by removing material in areas subject to smaller forces.

The Lynx TD15 rifles had a bolt release lever inside the trigger guard. The new Lynx TD21 retired this solution and has a much better-looking trigger guard.

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Lynx TD21 rifles have a modular design with an aluminum middle block to which the barreled action and user-removable stock are attached. The locking lug is located near the bolt handle and moves laterally in relation to the bore axis, locking into the receiver. The receiver features a 17mm Tikka rail for scope mounting but can be retrofitted with QD scope mounts or a Picatinny rail. The trigger is adjustable within the 800 to 1200 gram (28-42 oz) range and the trigger position can be adjusted by +/- 10mm. The TD21 rifle also features a three-position safety.

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The Lynx TD21 rifle is offered in one of the following caliber options: 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5×55 SE, 7x64mm, 8x57mm IS, .308 Win, .30-06 Springfield, and 9.3x62mm. The capacity of detachable box magazines is three or five rounds. The barrel lengths vary from 510mm to 530mm (20″ – 21″) depending on the caliber choice which results in the overall length of 1040mm to 1079mm (41″ – 42.5″). The muzzles are threaded with M14x1 or M15x1 metric threads.

The price of the Lynx TD21 rifle in the European market starts from €3,490 (including VAT). The rifles come with a 1-MOA or better accuracy guarantee.

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