Cabot Eggerling Bespoke Pair of 1911 Pistols

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Cabot Guns have been using Damascus steel in many of their projects and each of them is unique making it extremely hard to rank them. Cabot’s Damascus steel pistols are really works of art and which one is the best is quite subjective. But when the artist himself names his new creation the best, it means that we have something truly incredible. Cabot Guns describe their latest project, the Eggerling Bespoke pair of 1911 pistols, as two of the most incredible Damascus pistols they have ever produced.

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Throughout history, the skill and imagination of blacksmiths and weapon makers have contributed to the story of man through both tools and art. The Eggerling Bespoke pistols represent the pinnacle of these professions. Damascus steels have been coveted by warriors, chieftains, princes, and kings, who sought the finest blacksmiths and weapon makers because of their uncanny ability to transform Damascus steel into the finest weapons on earth.

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Eggerling Bespoke pistols are the first Cabot 1911s that have both frames and slides made of Damascus steel. The Damascus steel blocks for these pistols were made by American metal artist Robert Eggerling. This mesmerizing material is really what makes the handguns so incredibly beautiful, and no wonder why the name of the alchemist who created the material found its way into the model name of the pistols.

Of course, having the right material alone is not enough. Wizards at Cabot Guns have perfected the art of working with Damascus steel refining the techniques and processes of machining, blending, etching, polishing, and coloring. All this knowledge and skills cumulated over the years are reflected in the Cabot Eggerling Bespoke pistols and Cabot calls them a crowning achievement.

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The adjective bespoke is a bit old fashioned, but often applies to something of immense value. Bespoke refers to items that are handcrafted, custom made, or those for which a unique approach was taken to produce. All three of these definitions apply to Cabot’s Eggerling Bespoke pistols, a rare, two-gun offering that sets yet another standard by transforming the most exquisite Damascus steel into wondrous 1911 pistols.

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The Lucite clear grips show the ammunition in the magazines which have been also modified with side cutouts. Each of the two pistols has its own hand-built wood case made of Claro walnut by master box maker Scott Parker.

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Lastly, the Eggerling Bespoke pistols come with NFTs!

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    I actually kinda like it.

  • G Derz G Derz on Apr 15, 2022

    Jeez, I thought these kinds of design faux pas only happened as a result of individual people acting on a whim, not companies that have a chain of people to stop them before they become reality.

    This thing’s street price is in decline before the first one is sold. I literally mistook it for a “Hot Gat/ Fudd Crap” article.