Flat Dark Everything! Tyrant Designs' New FDE ITTS Trigger

Luke C.
by Luke C.
Flat Dark Everything! Tyrant Designs’ New FDE ITTS Trigger

Flat Dark Earth is indisputably one of the most popular finishes for both handguns and rifles. With popular pistols like the FN509 and many Glock pistols coming in factory configurations featuring the subdued earth tone color, it’s only natural that a lot of people piecing together their own P80 in that very same color might want a high-quality CNC machined trigger to populate the grip module. Tyrant Designs’ new FDE ITTS Trigger has just been announced and is now shipping and available with two options for hardware color.

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Flat Dark Everything! Tyrant Designs' New FDE ITTS Trigger

Flat Dark Everything! Tyrant Designs’ New FDE ITTS Trigger

You asked for it! Here it is! You can now get the ITTS Trigger in FDE!

Experience the fastest resetting trigger on the market when you add the I.T.T.S. aka Improved Tyrant Trigger System for the Glock Gen 3-4 to your arsenal. This powerful trigger for the full-frame Glock platforms is equipped with high-performing features, making for an ultra-effective tool with a greater level of efficiency and precision than other standard carry triggers.

Get the most out of your Glock Gen 3 & Gen 4 trigger with this high-performing hybrid model. The Tyrant Designs CNC I.T.T.S. is a cross between a curved trigger and a flat-faced trigger, letting you enjoy the best of both worlds. With help from flat-faced features, our Glock trigger helps ensure a uniform trigger pull with every shot.

Flat Dark Everything! Tyrant Designs' New FDE ITTS Trigger

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I currently have one of Tyrant Design’s ITTS triggers installed on my Glock 48 and I’ve been enjoying it over my slightly curved polymer OEM trigger. While it’s debatable in the firearms community whether or not flat-faced triggers are worth replacing over default factory triggers, I know lots of people on both sides who either love them or hate them. If you happen to like flat-faced triggers and are looking for a precision CNC machined upgrade to blend into your OEM FDE Glock, check out the new FDE model of the ITTS.

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Luke C.

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  • BS BS on Apr 12, 2022

    Killer Innovations shoe is much higher quality. I didn't care for the stabby thin safety blade on the Tyrant nor the cheap plastic feel it had. Tyrant has some good stuff but their magwell and trigger shoe weren't some of the good things.

  • Dead Sirius Dead Sirius on Apr 12, 2022

    Tactical peanut butter needs to be standardized.