SILENCER SATURDAY #223: Full Auto With The New SIG Sauer Suppressors

by Pete
SILENCER SATURDAY #223: Full Auto With The New SIG Sauer Suppressors

Good afternoon everyone and welcome back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the new YHM Phantom 22 rimfire suppressor. Last week we discussed the SIG SRD22X on the new SIG P322 rimfire pistol. This week we put the new SIG Sauer suppressors, including three of the latest 3D printed models through full auto testing. Can you tell a difference between them? Let’s check it out.

SILENCER SATURDAY #223: Full Auto With The New SIG Sauer Suppressors
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I am in need of a new KAC 5.56 QDC or QDC CQB for a Silencer Saturday review. I will be paying a finders fee for either one that’s reasonably priced and is ready to transfer on a form 3. I reserve the right to deny airsoft models, cardboard cutouts, or any other unreasonable suggestions.

KAC 5.56 QDC

SILENCER SATURDAY #223: Full Auto With The New SIG Sauer Suppressors

SILENCER SATURDAY #223: Full Auto With The New SIG Sauer Suppressors

We have seen all of these silencers in action in prior Silencer Saturday reviews. As a refresher:

  • SIG SLX Suppressors: Supersonic performance focus, low toxicity, flash reduction.
  • SIG SLH Suppressors: Subsonic performance focus, low toxicity, superior noise reduction.


SIG Sauer SRD762TI-QD ( Discontinued)SIG Sauer SLX556-QD

Model: SLH300TI-QD

Model: SLH762-QD

Full disclosure, I am not a video guy. Add in the fact that I was getting soaked and lightning was moving steadily closer and you get an abbreviated look at these four suppressors on a select-fire 5.56mm AR-15. This rifle is slightly under-gassed resulting in a few failure to feed malfunctions. If the weather had cooperated I would have probably swapped out uppers – this gun has a mid-length gas system with the Surefire Optimized BCG which is super smooth.

To me, the SLX556-QD has a deeper tone than the the 7.62 suppressors shown in the video. As a side note, the Clutch-LOK QD mounting system functions very well under extreme heat.

It’s a short video but let me know what you think – can you tell the difference?

Thanks for reading and watching. Have a great week, be safe, and we’ll see you back here for another Silencer Saturday.

SILENCER SATURDAY #223: Full Auto With The New SIG Sauer Suppressors

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  • TheUnspoken TheUnspoken on Apr 10, 2022

    The inconel models both seem at the heavy end of the spectrum at 19.4oz for 5.56 and 21.1oz for 7.62, and the price I guess they are wanting to go up against Knights/Surefire SOCOM, the previous Sig models didn't seem too high priced or very heavy. I didn't watch the vid, I guess these are supposed to be the latest and greatest, but it seems they are mostly pushing low tox.

    • Andrew Andrew on Apr 10, 2022

      @TheUnspoken I can confirm that the previous models were fairly light.

  • Tallis Tallis on Apr 10, 2022

    New TI can seems to spark significantly more than the legacy titanium unit. Interesting that it seems like there is just as much junk coming out of the ejection port but it seems to linger in that spot vs being shot back at the shooter.

    • See 1 previous
    • Tallis Tallis on Apr 10, 2022

      @Pete - TFB Editor In Chief Be interesting to see blowback under more controlled conditions. ANR’s vid seems to have similar weather and conditions to yours.