TFB Review: Springfield Armory XDS .45 Mod.2 OSP Pistol

    Springfield armory XDS Mod.2 OSP .45

    Springfield armory XDS Mod.2 OSP .45

    Years ago, prior to the major improvements in 9mm HP ammunition we enjoy today, I primarily conceal carried .45ACP firearms.  One of the first polymer “Micro” .45 firearms I purchased was the Kahr PM45.  It was slim and compact but had a wonky trigger pull combined with a horribly long trigger reset.  Next up was the Springfield Armory XDS-45.  The trigger and ergonomics were much better than the Kahr, but Springfield had some issues with the triggers on the first run of those pistols, leading me to carry something else during the recall. Fast forward almost a decade after the release of the XDS, and we have the XDS Mod.2 OSP, a micro pistol that comes ready from the factory for a slide-mounted red dot sight.  The XDS Mod.2 OSP is available in both 9mm and, as in the case of this review, .45ACP.

    Springfield Armory @ TFB:

    Initial Impressions

    Springfield Armory XDS Mod.2 OSP .45

    Out of the cardboard shipping box, the XDS Mod.2 OSP looks quite a bit different than the original XDS.  Besides the host of Mod.2 improvements, the slide is cut for Springfield “Micro” footprint, which accommodates the HEX Wasp, Shield RMSc/SMSc, and CT Micro Red Dots.

    Springfield Armory XDS Mod.2 OSP .45

    For an MSRP difference of $103, one can purchase one of these pistols with a CT red dot already installed, which is the model that I was shipped to try out.  The XDS Mod.2 OSP also comes with an extra magazine with a +1 pinky extension.  Absent, however, are some of the extras one got with the old XDS series, such as the holster and plastic hard case.  If you have one of the old XDS holsters, however, the Mod.2 OSP should fit no problem, as long as the front of the holster is cut low enough to accommodate the red dot.

    Specs, per Springfield Armory:

    • Barrel: 3.3″ Hammer Forged Steel, Melonite® Finish, 1:16
    • Slide: Forged Steel, Melonite® Finish
    • Frame: Black Polymer w /Enhanced Grip Texture
    • Sights: White Dot Front, Serrated Rear, Crimson Trace CTS-1500 Red Dot
    • Recoil System: Dual Captive Recoil Spring w/ Full Length Guide Rod
    • Grip Width: .9″
    • Height: 4.4″ w/ Flush Mag, 5″ w/ Extended Mag
    • Length: 6.3″
    • Weight: 23 oz w/ Flush Mag, 24 oz w/ Extended Mag
    • Magazines: (1) 5-Round, (1) 6-Round Extended
    • MSRP: $568 as tested
    Springfield Armory XDS Mod.2 OSP .45

    Springfield Armory XDS Mod.2 OSP .45

    Range Time and Results

    XDS Mod.1 vs Mod.2 OSP

    Equipped with a wide selection of .45ACP ammunition, I took several range trips with the XDS Mod.2 OSP. The added utility of the red dot for any practiced user of pistol red dot sights is an immediate and apparent improvement.  Conversely, if you are new to shooting with an RDS-equipped pistol, It’s like riding a bike – a bit difficult at first, but after a few weeks of practice with presentations and sight acquisition and a couple hundred rounds downrange, it will be almost automatic.

    With 400 rounds fired of 6 different loads from four different manufacturers and three different bullet profiles, I had zero malfunctions with the XDS Mod.2 OSP in .45.  The single issue that I had was that blowing snow would sometimes occlude the sight picture of the red dot-not a knock on the firearm itself, but more of a consideration when using a red dot sight.  If your point-shooting skills with a micro pistol are well-practiced enough, this is a bit less of an issue anyway.

    RDS packed w snow

    Springfield Armory XDS Mod.2 OSP .45

    RDS vs non-RDS (pistol on right is a Kahr PM45)

    Accuracy was decent for a micro pistol.  Braced groups at 25 yards were around 1.5-2″ in size, while offhand shooting did not stray out of the A-zone of a USPSA target as long as I did my job and acquired a clear sight picture for every trigger press.  The trigger is typical of the XDS Mod.2 series, pretty crisp with a  roughly 6.5 lb break and a short reset.

    Comparison Testing and Overall Impressions

    Springfield Armory XDS Mod.2 OSP .45 vs Kahr PM45

    I was able to compare the XDS Mod.2 OSP side by side with a few other micro .45s:  A first-gen XDS .45, a Springfield Micro Compact “Loaded” 1911, and a Kahr PM45.

    Springfield Armory XDS Mod.2 OSP .45 vs Micro Compact 1911 Loaded

    The PM45 doesn’t come close in shootability or accuracy due to the wonky trigger.  The XDS Mod.2’s improved recoil spring and other improvements help it have a leg up on the first-gen XDS, without even factoring in the red dot sight.  The only comparison pistol that I would still choose over the XDS Mod.2 OSP is the Micro-compact 1911 due to its superb trigger, but that has been long discontinued.

    Objectively, the XDS Mod.2 OSP in .45 was a reliable, accurate micro pistol that comes equipped with decent enough red dot sight as is reasonably priced for the features it offers.  It’s probably one of the better-equipped and most compact of all .45 CCW pistols out on the market today.  Subjectively, I cannot recommend many people purchase this particular iteration of the XDS Mod.2 OSP, as the .45 does not make much sense in a micro-compact pistol anymore.

    Springfield Armory XDS Mod.2 OSP .45

    Overall, I see the XDS Mod.2 OSP as a niche product – I would recommend the XDS Mod.2 OSP to someone who already has a large quantity of .45 ACP ammunition but is looking for a micro-compact red-dot capable concealed carry pistol.  If you aren’t already stocked up with .45, there’s no reason not to choose the 9mm version of this pistol with quality modern 9mm defensive ammunition over the .45, or one of the Hellcat-platform 9mm Micro-compacts.


    • 100% reliable with any ammunition I fed it
    • Accurate enough for its intended application
    • Feature-rich for its price point
    • Decent trigger
    • Red-dot capable and comes equipped with one if you wish
    • Still can use your irons if you want


    • Not many reasons to get the .45 version
    • Doesn’t come with many extra accessories
    • CT red dot window can fill up with debris

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