Coming Soon: The New Pulsfire UBF Underbarrel Flamethrower

    Coming Soon: The New Pulsfire UBF (Underbarrel Flamethrower)

    To quote the late British author Sir Terence David John Pratchett, “Sometimes it is better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness.” I have no idea if he had something like the new Pulsefire UBF in mind when he said that but it’s here anyway. Exothermic Technologies is proud to introduce to you their new Pulsefire UBF Underbarrel Flamethrower. This new rail-mounted flamethrower is set to start shipping in June of 2022 and is apparently capable of spouting gasoline or gasoline-diesel flames out to 25-feet.

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    Coming Soon: The New Pulsfire UBF Underbarrel Flamethrower

    The Pulsefire LRT system in an underbarrel capable form factor.

    With the same 25-foot reach* and about 20 seconds of fuel capacity, this compact configuration maximizes versatility. Use it fully handheld, mounted to a picatinny equipped device, or even with the Pulsefire Backpack Kit using a simple male-male adapter fitting on the fuel hose.

    Although the Underbarrel Flamethrower will be capable of being fired from underneath a standard M1913 Picatinny rail, the UBF will also come with a “rear handle” that will allow the flamethrower to be used standalone albeit with far less desirable ergonomics than its big brother the Pulsfire LRT which is intended to be a standalone model only. As opposed to a more traditional flamethrower that uses a torch or other pilot flame to ignite its fuel, the UBF makes use of the same electric arc ignition system as the LRT does meaning there is no need to fumble around with igniting a separate flame in order to start spewing fire.

    Aside from fun, Exothermic Technologies says that the new UBF can be used for a number of useful tasks such as starting bonfires, melting snow and ice, as a defoliant projector, insect hive exterminator, land management, pyrotechnic displays, forestry, and film and TV applications. Each fill of the UBF’s optional 3.3-gallon fuel tank will get you a full 4 minutes of fire or a more short but still hot 20 seconds of fire with the UBF’s onboard quarter gallon fuel tank.

    Coming Soon: The New Pulsfire UBF (Underbarrel Flamethrower)

    The new Pulsfire UBF Underbarrel Flamethrower will start shipping in June of 2022 and will be sold for a price of $689.99 for the standalone model which comes with the rear handle. The Pulsfire Backpack Kit features a 3.3-gallon tank compatible with the UBF and is already available on the Exothermic Technologies website for $299.99. The basic UBF package will come with everything you need to get the party started (minus fuel). I’m certain this is one that Hank Scorpio would definitely approve of! What are your thoughts on the UBF? Let us know down in the comments!

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