Functioning M56 Smart Gun Replica From the Movie Aliens

    Functioning M56 Smart Gun Replica From the Movie Aliens

    When normal people hear the word “smart gun”, the first thing they usually think of is the guns that require either a fingerprint or some sort of wrist band that allows only that user to shoot it (in theory). However, when cinephiles and hoplophiles hear the same term, only one gun comes to mind – the M56 Smart Gun from the 1986 movie Aliens. In a recent YouTube video I came across from user KetzuKhan, it seems that he’s managed to cobble together his very own working M56 Smart Gun replica.

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    Functioning M56 Smart Gun Replica From the Movie Aliens

    If you’re unfamiliar with the M56 Smart Gun from the movie, it is basically a dressed-up and modified MG42 machine gun mounted to a Steadicam mount. The in-universe firearm is supposedly capable of firing 10x28mm caseless ammunition at 1,200 rounds per minute and is also capable of tracking and engaging targets via its M56 Combat Harness (real-world Steadicam), and a self-tracking infrared helmet-mounted sight. While the in-universe gun is quite impressive by our real-world standards, in the movies it isn’t very effective against the alien threats the United States Colonial Marine Corps face.

    Functioning M56 Smart Gun Replica From the Movie Aliens

    KetzuKhan’s real-life M56 Smart Gun still makes use of an MG42 but instead of a Steadicam chest harness, he opted to use the similar but slightly different (and possibly cooler) Flycam Galaxy rig. The videos he has posted so far demonstrate that his M56 Smart Gun does indeed work and is capable of firing blanks and being both controllable and portable by a single man just like in the movies. According to his YouTube posts, his M56 is still a work in progress but it is still impressive nonetheless. I’d like to hear your guy’s thoughts on this. What do you think of this guy’s replica Smart Gun? Hopefully, KetzuKan will release more details and videos breaking down how he managed to construct this nifty range toy. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and YouTube for updates.

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