Springfield Armory & Alexo Athletica Curate Collection of CCW Readywear

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

Springfield Armory has collaborated with Alexo Athletica to craft a specially curated collection of readywear with concealed carry in mind. This clothing varies from lounge pants to joggers as well as other complementary clothing items we might all enjoy. So, whether you are running errands with your family, are running on a treadmill, or are simply out on the town with friends, you can remain vigilant, protect yourself, and be stylish all the while you are doing it.

Springfield Armory @ TFB:

It is important for many of us to be able to carry a firearm or other CCW-related tools on a daily basis, but most clothing companies never factor that into their design. That is where Springfield Armory and Alexo Athletica aligning their values could benefit all of us. Amy Robbins, CEO and co-founder of Alexo Athletica, explains her view of this coordinated collaboration:

Something magical happens when two companies with aligned visions come together and collaborate, and that is exactly what happened with this partnership. Working with Stefany and the Springfield team on this project has been a dream come true for a young entrepreneur like myself. This line signifies an important step in a new direction for the firearm industry as our two companies introduce this innovative line of apparel.

One of the marquee features of this line of clothing is the patent-pending double pocket carry system. The double pocket system is designed for seamless integration of the available ambidextrous DeSantis Flextech pocket holster for additional protection for the trigger guard. So, you have a built-in carry system by design in this clothing. Stefany Reese Toomer, Springfield Armory’s Apparel Design and Merchandising Manager, goes on to further explain the partnership on this project between Springfield Armory and Alexo Athletica:

Springfield Armory is thrilled to be partnered with Alexo Athletica on this exciting, creative lifestyle project. Alexo Athletica and Springfield Armory share the same vision for creativity and quality product innovation, so it’s been a natural pairing from the start. The Alexo collaboration is a natural extension of Springfield’s desire to bring the principles of self-reliance and personal protection to both men and women.

We at TFB have already been able to handle some of the samples from the collaborative Springfield Armory and Alexo Athletica clothing line, and they authentically feel and wear like a premium clothing line. For anyone who wants some modern, forward-thinking clothing that accounts for a prepared lifestyle, this is definitely it. Be sure to check out all of the clothing items now Live on Alexo Athletica, and re-visit Springfield Armory to find the perfect pistol for concealed carry to match.

Adam Scepaniak
Adam Scepaniak

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