Ruger Issues Product Safety Bulletin for the SR22 Pistol

Luke C.
by Luke C.
Ruger Issues Product Safety Bulletin for the SR22 Pistol

The Ruger SR22 is a fun, compact-sized 22LR pistol that comes in various configurations and varieties ranging from a bone stock pistol all the way up to some raced-out versions from the folks at Talo and Iron Valley distributors. Ruger announced on April 4th, 2022 that they had discovered that a small number of pistols might have left and right frame inserts that are not properly secured together which in some cases can cause the internal safety mechanisms to not function properly causing an accidental discharge upon activating the decocker/safety. I’ve posted the full safety bulletin below for your convenience. In addition, the following link will lead you to a page with a video explaining and demonstrating the exact signs that indicate that your pistol may be affected, as well as information for signing up for the free retrofit that will fix the issue.

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Ruger Issues Product Safety Bulletin for the SR22 Pistol

Ruger Issues Product Safety Bulletin for the SR22 Pistol

Ruger has discovered that a small number of SR22® pistols may have right and left frame inserts that are not properly secured together. In rare circumstances, this condition may render certain internal safety mechanisms ineffective and the pistol has the potential to discharge upon decocking. Pistols that may be exhibiting this condition will intermittently exhibit a “slack” single-action trigger.

NOTE: A “slack” single-action trigger occurs if, while operating the pistol in single-action mode with a magazine inserted, the slide forward, and the manual safety disengaged, a trigger pull does not encounter resistance and the hammer does not fall.

Although only a very small number of pistols appear to be affected, Ruger is committed to safety and would like to examine all SR22 pistols that have ever exhibited a slack single-action trigger or discharged upon decocking.

Potentially affected pistols include any SR22 pistol with a serial number of 369-40078 or lower (including all SR22 pistols with a “SS” prefix). If your SR22 pistol has ever exhibited one of the conditions described above, you should immediately stop using your pistol and sign up for the Safety Retrofit as outlined in the Safety Bulletin. If you have never experienced either condition, your pistol is not affected by this Safety Bulletin.

Details about what to look for and how to sign up for the retrofit also appear on our website at The website also contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions, a video demonstrating the inspection process, and other information that you may find helpful.

Ruger Issues Product Safety Bulletin for the SR22 Pistol

I think it’s great that Ruger is not only issuing a refit service for affected SR22 pistols but is also willing to examine all pistols that have ever exhibited any sort of the same behavior that is associated with what they say is just a small batch of pistols with issues. Have any of you encountered this type of malfunction with your own Ruger SR22? Let us know down in the comments.

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  • Foxyalmondi Foxyalmondi on Apr 07, 2022

    gosh so many ruger haters in the comments. is it possible to hear about a recall about one specific issue in one specific gun (and only some of them) and not use it as an excuse to write off the company in its entirety? i like ruger in general, they seem to have their pulse on the wants of consumers and have not been afraid to try to inovate

  • Mazkact Mazkact on Apr 07, 2022

    I did not know Ruger was still making that bassackwards thumb safety thing. They should have had a recall for down for safe up to shoot;)