POTD: German Snipers with G22A2 Sniper Rifle

Eric B
by Eric B
POTD: German Snipers with G22A2 Sniper Rifle

We have been publishing the Photo Of The Day for years. Our focus is on firearms, sometimes a new product, a classic or in the hands of soldiers or sports shooters. Sometimes the pictures work just like pieces of art, like when the night is painted in bullet traces.

The sniper rifle of the German Armed Forces is the Accuracy International G22A2.

Limited mobility, visibility and hardly any natural camouflage – the urban environment is also becoming more important for our snipers.
The tasks of the servicewomen and men include gathering information and fighting high-value targets. A real challenge in built-up areas, which snipers can counter with good training and a dose of ingenuity.
At night, the squads have a wide variety of tools at their disposal – from the classic image intensifier scope attachment to the more modern thermal imaging device.

This looks like G28 DMR. Check here for potential similarities: Upgraded German G28 Designated Marksman Rifle with Thermal Imaging.

Light it up!

All photos by the German Bundeswehr / Torsten Kraatz.

Eric B
Eric B

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