New Samson Manufacturing Next Generation Hannibal Rail for Ruger Rifles

Luke C.
by Luke C.

Although this product was released on April 1st, it’s not a joke. Samson Manufacturing is proud to introduce their next-generation Hannibal Rail for Ruger’s Mini-14 and Mini Thirty rifles. The new Hannibal Rail is now compatible with many of the industry’s most popular red dot optics including the C-MORE, Vortex VENOM, Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, and of course the venerated Trijicon RMR. This new rail will come in two iterations to cover Ruger rifles made both before the changes made to the rifles during 2008.

Samson Manufacturing @ TFB:

New Next Generation Hannibal Rail for Ruger Rifles – Samson Mfg.

New Samson Manufacturing Next Generation Hannibal Rail for Ruger Rifles

You asked for more Hannibal Rail optics options and we responded! The next generation Hannibal Rail includes hardware and mounting pins for the following optic footprints: Trijicon RMR®, Leupold DeltaPoint® Pro, Vortex VENOM®, and C-MORE.

Ruger® Mini-14® or Mini Thirty® owners can directly mount a micro red dot forward of the action, without the need for a Picatinny rail clamp adapter. The integrated Picatinny rail on the Hannibal Rail topside is perfect for mounting any accessory while providing a more tactical look. The included 2″ Picatinny rail and QD swivel mount can be attached to the side of the Hannibal Rail for additional accessory mounting options.

The next generation Hannibal Rail will be available in your choice of either matte black or natural gray finishes and will be compatible with both the pre-2007 and post-2008 Ruger Mini-14 rifles. Ruger has a serial number lookup tool on their website so you can determine which generation your rifle is so you can purchase the correct rail. Each rail will be sold for $144.99 regardless of the finish color. Let us know if this new rail appeals to you and what optic you’d mount on it! I think for me personally I’d run a Trijicon SRO. How about you?

New Next Generation Hannibal Rail for Ruger Rifles – Samson Mfg.

Choose 2008 and Later Model if your Mini-14® or Mini Thirty® rifle has a factory flange barrel and a series number beginning with 580 and higher.

Choose 2007 and Earlier Model if your Mini-14® rifle has a factory straight pencil barrel and a series number beginning with 180 and higher, but not including 580 and higher. (Not compatible with the Mini-Thirty®)

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