SILENCER SATURDAY #222: SIG SRD22X Review With The New SIG P322

by Pete
SILENCER SATURDAY #222: SIG SRD22X Review With The New SIG P322

Good afternoon everyone and welcome back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the YHM R9 multi-caliber suppressor. Last week we got a peek at the new Rugged Razor556 rifle suppressor. This week we get some time on SIG’s new P322 rimfire pistol with a SIG SRD22X review. Is this seven year old rimfire suppressor still viable in todays hot market? Let’s find out.

Silencer Saturday #222 is all about rimfire cans. Next week for we finally get our full auto AR-15 silencer showdown for episode #223. It’s destiny.

SILENCER SATURDAY #222: SIG SRD22X Review With The New SIG P322
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The SIG P322 @ TFB & TFBTV:

A few weeks ago, SIG was kind enough to invite TFB/TFBTV superstars Luke and Hop to the P322 launch event. These two guys have a lot more trigger time with SIG’s new rimfire addition than I do, so I’ll let them explain all the details. Remember: Rimfire is life. Suppressed Rimfire is love.

SIG Sauer's NEW P322 Rimfire Pistol - 20 Rounds of 22LR on Tap!

In this episode of TFBTV, Hop takes a look at the new SIG P322. A new US designed, US produced rimfire pistol that is optics ready, suppressor ready, and has a standard magazine capacity of 20 rounds. The rimfire turf war keeps escalating, and rimfire fans keep winning.

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SILENCER SATURDAY #222: SIG SRD22X Review With The New SIG P322

I consider myself to be a bit of a renaissance man. No, you won’t find me knitting a scarf at some three-table cafe in Boulder or Cambridge. But I’ve been known to watch the Great British Baking Show while loading GLOCK mags. Point being, I’m a tolerant person. However I’m not sure we can be friends if you can’t appreciate an afternoon of rimfire shooting.

Rimfire pistols and rifles definitely have utility; hunting, survival, and in limited cases, self defense. Although for me, shooting rimfire guns is the embodiment of pure fun and joy. Group sizes, center mass, reload speed, malfunction drills – all of those things fall away in favor of enjoyment.

On the other hand, pistols like the P322 can be a bridge between fun and utility by giving gun owners an inexpensive training platform for defensive handguns chambered in centerfire cartridges. And by adding a solid rimfire suppressor, all the annoyance of training – hearing protection, concussive blasts, heavy recoil – are exchanged for a pleasant shooting experience.

As a reminder, I am most critical of rimfire suppressors over any other category. A rimfire can needs to put noise reduction above everything else. I need to walk away thinking, “damn, that was quiet” or I’m not a buyer and I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone else.

Fortunately the SIG SRD22X meets this performance threshold. Is it the quietest rimfire silencer on the market? I’m not sure I’m qualified to answer that question. But you can buy with the confidence knowing that it meets the Silencer Saturday criteria for an awesome rimfire suppressor.

SILENCER SATURDAY #222: SIG SRD22X Review With The New SIG P322

The SRD22X 22LR can be used on both pistols and rifles and features a Grade 9 Titanium outer tube with 17-4 stainless steel baffles. Due to the durability of its materials, the SRD22X can be used with .22LR pistols and rifles chambered in .17HMR/.17 Mach II and .22 Magnum. The SRD22X ships with a 1/2x 28tpi mount, with an additional M9.75 mount available for purchase in the near future, and is fully user-serviceable.

SRD22X 22LR Specifications:

The SRD22X is a titanium suppressor with seven identical ‘M’ style baffles that shield the outer tube from most debris and sludge that can make disassembly difficult. The end cap unscrews with flat a polymer tool that engages the forward-facing grooves.

SILENCER SATURDAY #222: SIG SRD22X Review With The New SIG P322

The diameter and length of the SRD22X is on par with the rest of the top of the line rimfire models on the market today. While the weight the tiniest bit higher than I’d like out of a full titanium can, the street price is better than I would expect for a models with these specifications.

SILENCER SATURDAY #222: SIG SRD22X Review With The New SIG P322

The only improvement I would make to the SRD22X would be to index the baffles with a tab/notch system so that reassembly is consistent. I didn’t notice a point of impact shift on the new P322 between cleanings, but it is possible that with match ammo and a precision rifle that baffle rotations could be a factor.

SILENCER SATURDAY #222: SIG SRD22X Review With The New SIG P322

The one inch diameter of the SRD22X means that you get a full sight picture when mounted on the P322.

SILENCER SATURDAY #222: SIG SRD22X Review With The New SIG P322

This suppressor/host combination had a pleasant low thumping sound with very minimal blowback. There was a slight first round pop one the first shot of the day, but you might not notice it unless you were paying attention.

SILENCER SATURDAY #222: SIG SRD22X Review With The New SIG P322

i was actually surprised at how clean this combination shot with each successive magazine; suppressed rimfire hosts can get dirty fast. Whether it’s due to the design of the P322, the SRD22X, or a combination of both, this was a welcome result.

With only a few hundred rounds through the SRD22X, it disassembled and cleaned easily. If you are a high volume shooter and have one of these silencers, I’d love to hear if the shielded baffles work as designed.

SILENCER SATURDAY #222: SIG SRD22X Review With The New SIG P322

With rimfire suppressors, Hollywood Quiet is my goal. The SIG SRD22X rises to the challenge and performs well in all the other important areas as well. Indexed baffles would be nice, but it’s not a deal breaker.

I would like to SIG come out with a limited edition P322 and SRD22X package where both the suppressor and the gun are a matching FDE or gray. Throw in a Romeo Zero and a green laser and it could be a perfect plinking package.

Thank you for reading. Be safe, have fun and we’ll see you back next weekend for another Silencer Saturday.

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