TFB B-Side Podcast: Talking Rimfire with 22Plinkster

    TFB B-Side Podcast: Talking Rimfire with 22Plinkster

    This is an episode of the TFB podcast I have been hoping for and looking forward to recording for a very long time. 22Plinkster is one of my favorite guntube channels on YouTube and if you’re a fan of rimfire or trick shooting, you’re probably also a fan. That is why today I’m pleased and proud to have Dave (22Plnkster) on the show to talk about everything rimfire. Today, Dave and I talk a bit about his YouTube channel, what got him into shooting at first, what guns he likes, his thoughts on the recent release of the SIG Sauer P322 22LR pistol, and of course some good ole redneck conversation about hunting and such. Please welcome 22Plinkster to our show and happy listening!

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    TFB B-Side Podcast: Talking Rimfire with 22Plinkster

    TFB B-Side Podcast: Talking Rimfire with 22Plinkster

    You all probably already know him and love him. Yep, this week we’ve got the king of plinking himself Mr. 22Plinkster! 22Plinkster (also known as Dave) has been a staple of the YouTube gun community for years and has been one of my personal inspirations over the years when it comes to not only rimfire guns but guns in general! Today Dave and I talk a bit about how he got started in the GunTubing scene and how his passion for trick shooting went from being a hobby to his full-time job. We also talk a bit about the state of the rimfire firearm world, some new guns, as well as a couple of comments on American conservation efforts and hunting! If you’re a fan of plinking like myself or just enjoy hearing two genuinely enthusiastic Tennessee rednecks talk about guns, then this is an episode of the TFB B-Side podcast you can’t miss!

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