POTD: Slovenian Soldiers with FN F2000S

    POTD: Slovenian Soldiers with FN F2000S

    The FN F2000 is the standard issue rifle for the Slovenian Armed Forces. The Slovenians have bought a total of 14,000 rifles and their version of the rifle is called the FN F2000S. Since FN Herstal has now stopped the production of this model this seems like both the first and the last large-scale adoption of this rifle by a European and NATO member country.

    Here we can see Slovenian and Montenegrin sappers as they conduct minefield and obstacle training in Camp Ādaži training area in the summer of 2017.

    POTD: Slovenian Soldiers with FN F2000S

    The production of the FN F2000 seems to have stopped, and the model has been removed from FN Herstal’s website.

    As you can see above the FN F2000S is a special model that has an elevated Picatinny rail that can also be used to carry the rifle. 

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    All photos from NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia.