POTD: Russian Battle Tank Ninjas!

    Russian Battle Tank Ninjas

    TFB has been running our very special Photo Of The Day for years, sharing great photos from around the world and the world of firearms. Sometimes there is a special story behind the pictures, and sometimes – like today – we just run a bunch of super cool images for no special reason. This is like a stock car race with Russian main battle tanks and other military vehicles.

    These are some of the best moments from the “Individual Race”, performed by the crew from Russia at the “Tank Biathlon” competition Army International Games.

    The rules for the “Individual Race” can be found here and an excerpt below:

    “Individual Race” is conducted on the track with natural and artificial obstacles, combat tracks, trenches (site) for firing. Three crews from each participating team enter this race. The length of one lap is 4-6 kilometers and depends on terrain (Annex 4).The track is equipped with start (finish) lines, direct moving area, obstacles (ford, track bridge model, maneuvering section, mound, escarp, anti-tank ditch with passage, comb, mine barrier, slopes, fire band), ammunition loading sites, firing ranges and penalty lap. Track layout and dimensions of obstacles could be found in Annexes.Crews start separately with 1-2 minutes gap. Command for start is given by the Chief Referee of the Contest. Not more than four tanks at once are allowed to be on the track.The first firing range is equippedwith initial line, ammunition rack, fire opening line, target field with targets marked with respective color (3 targets No12at a distance of 1600, 1700 and 1800m), cease-fire line and trench (platform) for firing until run out of ammunition (unloading site).The second firing range for each tank is equipped with platform with ammunition rack, fire position and target field with targets marked with respective color. For firing with air-defense machine gun there is target No25 (helicopter) at a distance of 800-1000 m. For firing with coaxial machine gun there is target No9(hand anti-tank grenade launcher) at a distance of 600-800 meters.

    You can check out some AUG-Ninjas in the link.

    Photo Source. Russian Ministry of Defence.