POTD: The Eyes of German Army – Heckler & Koch G36 by Night

    POTD: The Eyes of German Army - Heckler & Koch G36 by Night

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    POTD: The Eyes of German Army - Heckler & Koch G36 by Night

    Here is the caption, machine translated from German.

    Remote scouts are the eyes of the army. They belong to the specialized forces of the army and operate deep in the enemy’s hinterland in order to obtain high-quality reconnaissance results there and to pass them on almost in real time. Undetected and as inconspicuous as possible, the remote scouts carry out this task. It is obvious that a lot of skill is required for such a demanding job. In the “Technology base camouflage and deception” in the Brandenburg town of Storkow, we were able to accompany prospective scouts from the Munster training center from the Army reconnaissance troop training area during training.

    Great picture of the Heckler & Koch G36s.

    Photo source: German Bundeswehr and Jana Neumann.