MidwayUSA’s New 400,000 sq/ft Distribution Center Nears Completion

    MidwayUSA's New 400,000 sq/ft Distribution Center Nears Completion

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    MidwayUSA announced a while back that they had begun construction on the single largest project in the company’s entire history – a new distribution center. MidwayUSA, like the rest of the gun industry, has seen explosive growth over the last 10 years and as a result, the team at one of the most popular online gun and sporting goods stores had to take a hard look at where they can increase efficiency to keep up with customer demand in a timely manner. Now at the start of 2022, MidwayUSA is in the final stages of completing its new 400,000 square foot distribution center which should help keep lead times down to a minimum.

    More from MidwayUSA @ TFB:

    MidwayUSA's New 400,000 sq/ft Distribution Center Nears Completion

    MidwayUSA’s New 400,000 sq/ft Distribution Center Nears Completion

    Dear Valued Customer,

    Thanks to you, we’ve experienced tremendous growth over the years. A while back, we started the largest project in company history. We’re in the final stages of moving our Distribution Center (DC) about 5-miles down the road to a DC, just west of Columbia, MO.

    Our new DC is 400,000 square feet, with plenty of room for expansion. The unique new NITRO Express® Shipping System we’re installing consists of brand-new state-of-the-art equipment. This new system will be faster, more accurate, and more efficient than our previous system.

    The conveyor and product storage/retrieval speed will allow us to receive and ship products faster, meaning we’ll get products in stock quicker and your orders will arrive sooner. Increased accuracy comes from precisely picking every order and verifying the correct weight with a high-tech scale to ensure no mistakes were made. Increased efficiency comes from custom building precisely sized cartons for each order, reducing the average box size by over 30%, meaning there is less room for products to shift in transit and become damaged. The remaining area (void) in the cartons is filled with one of three different types of materials, depending on the characteristics of each order, resulting in intact deliveries. We’re building the best package possible – extremely accurate, efficient, and durable!

    Our inventory transition is going well, but will take a little longer than projected. Since we’re shipping from two DCs, and we have inventory in both places, if your order contains more than one product, you may receive it in two different packages at different times. If you receive part of your order, rest assured, the rest of your order is on the way from our other DC. While we transition, your order may take a few days longer than normal and we’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

    I hope you enjoy our new NITRO Express® Shipping System. Thanks for being a valued MidwayUSA Customer!

    Matt Fleming
    President & CEO

    MidwayUSA's New 400,000 sq/ft Distribution Center Nears Completion

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    While Midway’s NITRO Express shipping service is nothing new, the improvements mentioned above as well as the brand new distribution center should help reduce shipping times down the road and reduce the amount of time you’ll be waiting on your ordered products. The new distribution center will no doubt also add new jobs to the local community which should be a boon to the residents of Columbia, Missouri and the surrounding cities. What are your thoughts on this recent expansion by MidwayUSA? Do you use their online store and if so what are your thoughts on their current performance in regards to order accuracy and speed of shipping? Let us know down in the comments!

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