Arms of America is Supporting Ukraine by Selling Russian Ammo

    Supporting Ukraine

    Arms of America, an importer and seller of Kalashnikov rifles, pistols and parts kits, has announced that it is supporting Ukraine with every case of Russian ammo sold. All proceeds from these sales will be donated directly to a Ukrainian charity. This is unsurprising given Arms of America’s founding by combat veterans as well as close ties to WBP Rogow of Poland.

    Supporting Ukraine

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    Arms of America’s email:

    As a company that was originally founded by US Combat Veterans, our company got together and decided the best thing we could do to help the Ukrainian people was to take all the Russian 7.62×39 ammo we received prior to the invasion and sell it off specifically to donate the proceeds to a Ukrainian charity supporting wounded Ukrainian Combat Vets! The proceeds will be donated to Hope For Ukraine, which is a registered and vetted charity we selected. We also encourage our followers to check out other charities that are supporting US Combat Vets that are assisting Ukraine such as

    Buy 1000 rounds of Wolf 7.62×39 to support Ukrainian Soldiers wounded in combat! We are donating the proceeds from this ammunition directly to Hope For Ukraine.

    Arms of America is an importer of not only WBP rifles and pistols but newly made parts kits and components as well. This along with ammunition and other accessories makes their website almost a one-stop-shop for anyone as inexplicably obsessed with the Kalashnikov rifle as I am. You can check out their website here.

    Also seeing as this article does concern the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine I ask that everyone in the comments section try to be civil towards one another. Remember that there are real people losing their lives on both sides and any war is truly a tragedy.

    Now that you’ve read and ignored everything I just wrote about being nice to each other…

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