POTD: The Finnish Pori Brigade in Exercise

    Finnish Pori Brigade

    Over a century ago there was a growing number of magazines published throughout the world. There was an increased demand for photographic illustrations for the magazines to be competitive. With time, the cameras developed and became lighter, cheaper and easier to use. We all know that was only the beginning, as lenses, motor drives, electronic flash and things like auto-focus developed in the 1960s and into the digital era, with all its potential. Just imagine what the Internet has done to things like deadlines for a photographer. No more time wasted in a dark room full of chemicals. Today TFB’s Photo Of The Day goes to Finland for some action with Finnish “RK” rifles.

    The shooting phase of last weekend’s Vaasa 22 local defense exercise in Niinisalo trained conscripts for various shootings and access control duties. Yesterday, the Coast Fleet conscripts got to practice fighting in the built-up area and the venue was the old amusement park in Wasalandia, which was taking shape quite perfectly.

    The exercise is for so-called conscripts who will soon be repatriated for military police duties. the final war, in which the skills learned during the service are put to the final test.

    Photo Source: Finnish Defense Forces, Pasi Lindroos.