Brazilian Army Receives First Batch of IA2 Rifles

    Brazilian Army Receives First Batch of IA2 Rifles

    Manufacturing Directorate of the Brazilian Army visit IMBEL (IMBEL)

    Brazil’s IMBEL have completed and delivered the first batch of new 7.62x51mm IA2 rifles. The batch of 50 rifles will be delivered to the Brazilian Army’s Army Evaluation Center (CAEx) for extensive testing.

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    We first reported on the IA2 back in April 2019, with Ronaldo Olive reporting that IMBEL was preparing a 7.62x51mm chambered version of their 5.56x45mm rifle. The family of rifles is derived from the FN FAL which has been in Brazilian service for decades – manufactured by Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil (Brazilian Industry of War Materials – IMBEL). In 2019 Ronaldo reported that company’s Fábrica de Itajubá (Itajubá Factory), in Minas Gerais State, but since then we’ve not heard much more about the project.

    Brazilian Army Receives First Batch of IA2 Rifles

    Manufacturing Directorate of the Brazilian Army visit IMBEL (IMBEL)

    In February 2021, IMBEL and Taurus have signed a memorandum of understanding which opens the way for the development of new products, production methods and marketing but the announcement didn’t explain if this would impact the production of the IA2 rifles. In March, it was reported that the Brazilian Army had approved the IA2 with a first round of testing by the Brazilian Army’s Department of Science and Technology.

    In February of this year personnel from the Manufacturing Directorate of the Brazilian Army visited IMBEL’s factory to examine the first of the new rifles and look at the production facilities. The rifles were ordered under the Baziian Army’s Army Strategic Program, and while the testing of the first batch of 50 rifles is completed, it is planned for the rifles to begin full production, with the first delivery of 1,450 rifles planned.

    Brazilian Army Receives First Batch of IA2 Rifles

    IMBEL 7.62x51mm IA2 Rifle (IMBEL)

    The IA2 is essentially a modernization of the FN FAL with the same tilting block locking action, a re-dimensioned piston gas system and some other internal tweaks. The furniture is redesigned with a folding and telescoping polymer buttstock and a new forend with Picatinny rails at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. The rifle has a full-length top Picatinny rail and while the 5.56x45mm version, which has already begun to enter service, uses STANAG magazines the 7.62x51mm rifle retains the FN FAL pattern magazine well and magazines.

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