POTD: Cabot ATLANTIS Pistols

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    Welcome back to the Photo Of The Day, TFB’s daily article series dedicated to showing some of the best pictures of the gun world. Today we are taking a look at another masterpiece from Cabot Guns – the Cabot Atlantis set of 1911 pistols. This pair of .45 ACP pistols is made in a single sample (sold out at the time of writing) and like other Cabot pistols, it is an amazing work of art – from the design concept to execution and even storage solution.

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    Here is the description of Cabot Atlantis set as seen on the company’s website:

    The mystery of what lies beneath the surface has captured mankind’s imagination for millennia. While undertaking artisan Damascus projects, you are never certain what is hiding below the coarse-scale left by the archaic hand forging process. At every step of the way, from machining of the billets to high polish finishing, this steel’s aquatic motifs became progressively more evident. The rippling effect of waves breaking the surface envelops the slide top until transitioning abruptly into vigorous undercurrent textures.  Arabic origins of the term Damascus translate roughly to “watered steel”, making this an appropriate highlight of Robert Eggerling’s oeuvre. The Atlantis pistols are meant to serve as a memorial to our ancestor’s inexhaustible curiosity, as well as an inspiration to our successors. Explore always.

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    Cabot Guns made custom bookcases for storing the Atlantis pistols. The sides of the cases are designed to look like pages and there is also an imitation of binding stitches. The case lids, as well as the handguns inside the cases, are held via rare earth magnets and the cases can be placed vertically, like a book on a shelf.

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    Check back tomorrow for another set of amazing pictures!

    Pictures by Cabot Guns, www.cabotguns.com