[IWA 2022] Anschütz: Beyond the Gold

    [IWA 2022] Anschütz: Beyond the Gold

    [IWA 2022] Anschütz : Beyond the Gold (Alex Straube)

    As it is known, Anschütz completely scooped gold at the Olympics this year; all gold medals
    in biathlon were won with weapons from the company. A performance that caused quite a stir
    and led to a closer look at the guns used. Although with a market share of 97%, this result is
    more expected than miraculous.

    But why don’t we take a look beyond the premium model and focus on the rest of the
    Anschütz range? In addition to the well-known 1827 F BIONIC, there is also the 1827 F Comfort. Both are
    using the same system but the Comfort variant is aimed particularly at traditionalists and
    friends of the classic wooden stock. It is thus a rifle that is fully biathlon capable but still
    looks good alongside your old hunting rifles or a custom 1911.

    [IWA 2022] Anschütz: Beyond the Gold

    [IWA 2022] Anschütz: Beyond the Gold (Alex Straube)

    Of course, this also means that you have to do without the technology that shone so brightly at
    the Olympics. No custom grip from the 3D printer, no skeletonized rifle stock, no possibility
    to fill resin directly into the stock to better embed the system. But you always have to know
    where your priorities lie.

    ANSCHUTZ 1827 F BIONIC with custom 3D printed grip (Anschutz)

    On the other hand, if you are still at the very beginning of your training or if you are searching
    for an option to exercise at home, you will find it in the Laser Power set. As the name suggests,
    this is a laser that can be installed on an air-gun stock, instead of the actual barrel. Together
    with a sensor used as a target, it serves as a training opportunity away from the shooting

    [IWA 2022] Anschütz: Beyond the Gold (Alex Straube)

    In terms of price, however, all of these options are an investment: a rifle with a modern stock
    is advertised at, €3,999 ($4,368), without sights. The wooden version is only slightly cheaper at €3400 ($3,714) and the complete laser training set also has a price of €2,200 ($2,403).

    [IWA 2022] Anschütz: Beyond the Gold (Alex Straube)

    Furthermore, there are also:
    1. The 9015 airgun series, a modular concept that allows individual adjustments to the shooter.
    2. Four different bolts for small caliber sport guns.
    3. As well as a large selection of different hunting rifles. The larger calibers can be found
    in the 1782 model and range up to 9.3x62mm and more recently the .300 Win Mag.

    So if you have the opinion that small-bore guns are boring and full power rifles should still be
    used in biathlon, Anschütz has you covered.

    Alexander Straube is a German freelance writer, chief editor of FIPS and author of the book on the German gun debate.

    This article was written by a Guest Author. The views contained in this article reflect that of the author and not necessarily that of The Firearm Blog or TFBTV.