RECALL NOTICE: Olight M2R Pro & Warrior Mini Flashlights

    RECALL NOTICE: Olight M2R Pro & Warrior Mini Flashlights

    A recall notice has been issued by the Olight company in regards to two of their EDC flashlight models. Olight and the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued the recall for over 200,000 M2R Pro and Warrior Mini flashlights over concerns regarding inadvertent activation and overheating which could pose a burn hazard. Olight is offering customers either replacements or store credit in excess of the value of the original flashlight. The full recall notice has been posted below for your convenience.

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    RECALL NOTICE: Olight M2R Pro & Warrior Mini Flashlights

    RECALL NOTICE: Olight M2R Pro & Warrior Mini Flashlights

    Recall Information

    Dear Olight M2R Pro & Warrior Mini Customers,

    Although the M2R Pro and Warrior Mini have always been well loved, these models may be turned on inadvertently and overheat while stored in a holster or a consumer’s pocket, posing a burn hazard. Olight is now voluntarily recalling these products in the United States in cooperation with CPSC.

    Hereby, we are calling you:

    If you own one of these recalled flashlights, please immediately stop using it and contact Olight for store credit, or a replacement flashlight, or a full refund.

    Olight will cover all shipping costs.

    We apologize sincerely for this situation. Thanks for all your continuous support. To view News Release: click here

    Explanation of the 3 remedies:

    a.Store credit: Consumers can choose to receive credit equal to 110% of their original purchase price (including any applicable taxes) for Olight’s online storefront ( Consumers will receive this credit via a credit code issued by Olight to the consumers.

    For store credit click here

    b.Replacement: Consumers can choose to receive a replacement flashlight from Olight. The replacement model will be a Warrior Mini 2. If your purchased product has a price difference with the Warrior mini 2, there will be an additional store credit to reflect the price difference.

    For Replacement click here

    c.Full Refund: Consumers can choose to receive a full refund of the purchase price (including any applicable taxes) through consumer’s original payment method. For the convenience of the customer, Olight has drawn up the detailed Full Refund Rules. Refunds will be issued for the same amount you have already paid.

    For full refund: click here

    Recall FAQ

    1.How to participate?

    Please read the instructions carefully before filling out the form. If you have more than one product to be recalled, we suggest you fill all the product information on one form to simplify and speed up the process.

    STEP 1: Click the Store Credit/Replacement/Full Refund option and fill in the required information.

    ● The serial number of your flashlight and picture.

    ● The order number and Invoice picture.

    ● Information related to your bank account (PayPal account or Credit Card account)

    STEP 2: Please kindly wait and check your email for the results of your request. Please note that the result will be sent to you from CS via email and within approximately 7 working days from the date you submitted the form.

    STEP 3: If your application is approved, you will receive the return label and can start to prepare the product(s) for return.

    STEP 4: Once your return delivery is received and confirmed by the Olight warehouse, we will process the next step for the credit card, replacement or refund. Thank you for your patience.

    2.What are the store credit usage rules?

    a. The store credit can be stacked with other promotions, such as limited-time discounts, coupons, coupon codes, etc. It is valid to be used at any time and for all products on our website.

    b. The store credit balance can be used to deduct the price of products and shipping fees. The amount of the order will be deducted first, and the shipping fee will be deducted if there is still a balance on the store credit. The specific deduction amount is determined based on the actual payment amount of the order and the store credit balance.

    c. The store credit can be used an unlimited amount of times or until the balance has run out, but Store Credit can only be used once for each order. Moreover, after using the Store Credit, if a refund occurs to the corresponding order and customer service approves the refund, the amount of the Store Credit used for the order will also be returned.

    3. My product(s) was/were purchased from Amazon/eBay/Walmart/other online stores or gifted by friends. Can I participate in the recall?

    Yes. Please fill the form and provide your order number or Invoice and Serial Number as required.

    4.How can I tell if my product(s) is/are affected by this recall?

    Every Warrior Mini & M2R Pro is subjected to this recall. This recall does not affect any other Olight products.

    You can contact us via the following methods:

    ● Email us at [email protected]

    ● Online live chat at

    ● Toll-free at 888-889-6870 from 8am to 5pm ET. Monday through Friday

    RECALL NOTICE: Olight M2R Pro & Warrior Mini Flashlights

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