TFB Review: Mischief Machine Omega P365 Frame

    TFB Review: Mischief Machine Omega P365 Frame

    In the world of small carry guns, there are a few firearms that really are starting to shine. The Glock 43x, the Springfield Hellcat and the P365 series from SIG Sauer. The SIGs are a bit special since you can easily swap frame sizes and create a truly modular system. There are a few metal frames available on the market, but most of them have textures and lightening cuts all over them. I recently saw a new offering from Mischief Machine LLC – their Omega Series frame. I decided to pick one up and give it a try. Lets take a closer look at the Mischief Machine Omega P365 frame.

    TFB Review: Mischief Machine Omega P365 Frame


    The Omega frame from Mischief Machine is a simple metal variant of the P365 polymer frame. Imagine something like a P365 AXG grip module with replaceable G10 grips and the addition of Picatinny rail to attach lights or lasers. Mischief Machine offers the Omega frame in two variants – XL or XXL. The XL is a standard P365 frame length. The XXL length will go all the way to then end of the XL slide offering more rail space for various attachments. With a weight of 5.5oz, the Omega frame adds a little bit of weight to the gun, but offers a lot for a few more ounces of weight.

    The new grip module adds a bit of width to the grip almost giving you palm swell for larger hands. It changes how the gun feels in your hand and shoots. In addition to the width, Mischief Machine included a small Magwell to help with easy reloads. The biggest plus is the addition of a Picatinny rail section on the XL frames and 2 rail sections on the XXL frame variant. For this review, I went with the smaller XL variant to keep the true look of the P365 XL. Even with the smaller frame, it easily has enough room for a Streamlight TLR7 SUB which puts this carry gun in a different category for me.

    Options and Price

    The beauty of the Omega frame is the ability to swap grip panels for different colors and textures. Currently, Mischief Machine is offering five colors with more color and texture options coming in the later months. For the review, I received the gray grips with black hardware creating a nice contrast which is subtle but sharp. MSRP on the XL Omega frame is $375.00 and for the XXL frame it will be $385.00.

    Range Time

    I’ve had the Omega frame installed on both my standard P365 XL as well as the new Spectre Comp variant which came out in early February. The recoil definitely changes with less snap in both variants. The extra weight of the frame in addition to the Streamlight makes the regular P365 shoot considerably smoother. In the case of the P365 Spectre Comp, the Omega frame takes it to a completely different level than a standard P365 XL.

    So far in my testing, I have roughly 500 rounds through the standard P365 XL configuration and another 300 rounds through the Spectre Comp. When it comes to a regular P365 XL, the gun seems to feel better in hand with the wider palm swell for my hands than the traditional frame. The recoil is much more manageable and the gun feels oddly like a smaller striker-fired version of the P229 or a baby P320. Having the ability to put a light on the P365 changes its dynamic a bit making it much more like a larger sized firearm than a micro carry gun. Many people may not like the bulk but personally I really like the ability to add a small light.

    Grip and Shooting

    The design cut into the back strap and front section of the grip adds some level of traction but isn’t overly aggressive like a checkering would be. I was really happy with how the G10 grip panels felt in the hand while shooting. Sometimes G10 can be sharp when the texture is too aggressive but the texturing on the Omega frame was textured enough to be comfortable but offer additional support when it comes to traction.

    The only downside I see with the Omega frame is the reach it takes to release the magazine. The magazine release button is sunken more since the frame is wider so you sometimes have to turn the gun in your hand to activate the magazine release. There are plenty of magazine extensions on the market and I am currently looking into the Gray Guns extended magazine release to upgrade this set up. Other than that, I think the Omega frame improves grip and functionality quite a bit from the standard frame.

    Impressions After Carrying The Omega Frame

    I have been carrying the Omega frame on my P365 XLs almost daily for the last month and a half. When it comes to carrying, people will often get hung up on overall weight and keeping it as light as possible. Personally, I like to have a balance between weight and a firearm I can shoot effectively. I really don’t mind the extra weight especially if I have a quality holster to help distribute the weight.

    Stippled polymer grip from SIG (left) and the new Mischief Machine metal grip (right)

    The Omega frame is slightly different from the factory SIG frame, so traditional holsters will not work with it. When you put a certain light on the frame, it would need a new holster anyway which isn’t the end of the world. Mischief Machine has a few options for holsters on their website which is where I picked mine up from. The two clip system with an IWB claw, the holster carries well and doesn’t move at all. The overall footprint of the gun is still smaller than a larger compact frame pistol while offering a lightweight and higher capacity in a small package. Add in the fact it’s easier to shoot and this set up is a win in my book.

    Overall Thoughts

    So, with everything considered is the Omega frame worth the price? Aesthetically, it completely changes the look and feel of the P365 and with the addition of a weapon light, I think it’s a great small option for night time as well. If I had to pick my favorite carry gun out of everything right now, it would have to be the Spectre Comp in this Omega frame. It is in a league of its own. This Omega frame is what the AXG frame did for the P320s and it completely changes this gun into a viable carry gun for every day of the year.

    Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. Is this frame a big plus for the P365 XL or is it expensive for what it is? Be sure to leave your thoughts down in the comments, I’m definitely excited to see what everyone thinks. If you have questions on carrying concealed or firearms in general, feel free to shoot me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there!

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