Langdon Tactical’s BYOG (Bring Your Own Glock) Program

    Langdon Tactical's BYOG: Bring Your Own Glock Program

    When it comes to custom work, few places carry the same reputation and quality of service as Langdon Tactical. Langdon Tactical Technologies used to mostly focus on Beretta pistols and a handful of other highly focused pistol lines but now they are offering their custom gun work services for Glock pistols. This turns the daunting task of customizing your handgun into a simple online order with pricing comparable to brick and mortar stores. This new BYOG (Bring Your Own Glock) service is available now and only takes a handful of weeks.

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    Langdon Tactical's BYOG: Bring Your Own Glock Program

    Langdon Tactical’s BYOG: Bring Your Own Glock Program

    Langdon Tactical is known for improving the shootability & smoothness of pistols through modification and customization. For LTT modifications to Glock pistols, this means a smoother trigger pull that is about 1 pound lighter than factory. The Apex Trigger Kit reduces over-travel, reset distance and gives a crisper break as well as improving the feel of the finger on the trigger.  The integration of Apex Trigger System, along with the internal work we do, results in a much better trigger that is more shootable while maintaining factory safety values.

    Additionally, LTT offers

    • laser stippling on the grip for a better surface interface
    • Install of the C&H Precision optic adapter plates
    • Install of the C&H SpeedFeed for cleaner mag changes
    • Triggerguard undercut

    Langdon Tactical's BYOG: Bring Your Own Glock Program

    Those interested in taking advantage of this customization service for their Glock pistol can expect to pay somewhere between $165 and $210 for the service and there are options for you to ship the pistol yourself or to have Langdon Tactical send you a shipping label for your BYOG service. According to Langdon Tactical, the lead time for this service is somewhere in the neighborhood of two to four weeks but additional requests could take more time depending on what is requested. What are your thoughts on the Langdon Tactical Technologies BYOG service? Is this something you’d take advantage of to have your pistol fine-tuned for performance? Let us know down in the comments.

    Langdon Tactical's BYOG: Bring Your Own Glock Program

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