CMC Announce the New Goldfinger AR Trigger

    Goldfinger AR

    No, Mr. Bond! I Expect you to shoot! CMC triggers known for their excellent one-piece drop-in fire control groups, has released their new Goldfinger AR trigger, a single-stage drop-in unit with a 3.5lb trigger pull. The relatively light single-stage trigger should be a plus whether you’re competing in 3 gun, hunting, or mowing down Scaramunga’s henchmen in Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

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    Goldfinger AR

    Goldfinger AR

    What does CMC have to say about it Moneypenny?:

    CMC Triggers Corp., a Texas-based, family-owned and operated company designing and producing quality aftermarket gun parts, is proud to introduce the newest AR15/AR10 single-stage, match trigger to its reputable drop-in trigger line: the Goldfinger.

    Made in the Great State of Texas, the Goldfinger single-stage, small pin, drop-in, flat-face trigger with a mirror-gold Cerakote® finish, is made from 8620 alloy steel and S7 tool steel with machined tolerances of +/- .001”. Completely self-contained, the Goldfinger requires no adjustment after placement in the firearm and delivers an ultra-smooth break with no gritty feeling and no feel of creep prior to the hammer release. The pre-set factory trigger pull is 3.5 lbs. and the positive trigger reset allows the user to quickly secure a follow-up shot, right on target.

    The Goldfinger AR15/AR10 single-stage trigger is hand-assembled and tested in the Texas facility. A minimal lock time is designed right into the trigger assembly using a controlled hammer weight and balance activated by a rocket wire hammer spring. This assures a repeatable function when using either commercial or military-grade ammunition.

    Goldfinger AR

    The Specs According to CMC:

    • Single Stage Trigger
    • Available Pull Weights: 3.5lb
    • Available Pin Sets: Small
    • Ultra-crisp trigger with no feel of creep prior to hammer release
    • The trigger has a glass-smooth break with no feel of grittiness
    • Minimal lock time is designed into the assembly using controlled hammer weight and balance activated by a rocket wire hammer spring, assuring repeatable function with either commercial or military grade ammunition
    • Trigger pull is factory pre-set and not user adjustable
    • Positive trigger reset allows a quick follow up shot on target
    • Hand assembled, and hand tested
    • Totally self-contained one-piece assembly
    • Comes with CMC Anti-Walk Pin Set
    • Fits MIL-SPEC AR-15 and AR-10 style rifles
    • Made from 8620 Alloy Steel and S7 Tool Steel with machined tolerances of +/– .001″
    • Easy to install

    The Goldfinger is available right now direct from CMC as well as their many distributors for the MSRP of $235.

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