Galco Holsters Releases NEW Hellcat Pro Holster Fits

    Hellcat Pro Holster Fits

    The new Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro had a huge launch. The pistol, designed specifically for concealed carry, is not complete without a holster. If you regularly conceal a handgun, you know that just one holster is never enough, and I’m guessing all of you have a dedicated holster drawer. With so many different needs and body types, a wide variety of options is important. Fortunately for those who plan to buy the Hellcat Pro, Galco Holsters has heard the call. Just announced, these are the new Galco Hellcat Pro holster fits.

    Galco news @ TFB:

    Hellcat Pro Holster Fits

    Springfield Armory just introduced the new Hellcat Pro pistol – and Galco is ready with a wide selection of holsters!

    Galco Holsters Releases NEW Hellcat Pro Holster Fits

    Hellcat Pro Holster Fits

    I said that a wide variety of holsters is a good thing, and that’s exactly what Galco Holsters is releasing. In leather and Kydex form, Galco has over 10 holsters that are now being offered to fit the Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro and its magazines. Among them is the popular hybrid-style KingTuk IWB holster, which is further split into its Air, Classic, Deluxe, and Cloud variants. If shoulder holsters are more your style, the well-loved Miami Classic II is also available for the Hellcat Pro and two 15-round magazines.

    Hellcat Pro Holster Fits


    Hellcat Pro Holster Fits

    If you’d like to take a closer look at any of these options, just head over to the Galco Holsters website. The above list is also hyperlinked. You can also find more when you follow Galco on social media. They can be found on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Carry often and keep training!

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