Sellier & Bellot XRG Defense Solid Copper Hollow-Point Carry Ammo

    Sellier & Bellot XRG Defense Solid Copper Hollow-Point Carry Ammo

    Sellier & Bellot from the Czech Republic has a long tradition of producing ammunition, they’ve been doing it since 1825. They now have a new solid copper hollow-point bullet called XRG Defense, and it’s available in .380 Auto, 9×19 mm Luger, .40 S&W, 10 mm Auto and 45 Auto / 45 ACP. S&B wants it to be your next carry ammunition, so let’s take a closer look at what’s on offer.

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    S&B has detailed information for each caliber. For instance, you can find 9x19mm here and 10mm Auto here. The 9x19mm with its 100-grain bullet weight has a muzzle velocity of 400 m/s (1,312 feet per second) with an energy of 520 Joules. Compared to the 9mm the 10mm Auto (130 grains) transmits almost 40% more energy, and the .40 S&W isn’t far off. The tested barrel length was 150mm, which is about 5.9″.

    Sellier & Bellot XRG Defense Solid Copper Hollow-Point Carry Ammo

    Here is the new product announcement from Sellier & Bellot:

    We proudly introduce our new EXERGY DEFENSE

    This solid copper hollow-point bullet construction results in near 100% weight retention regardless of the barriers encountered. Light-for-caliber bullet weights produce low perceived recoil, high velocity, and reliable expansion from today’s compact personal defense handguns. The impressive, real-world performance of XRG Defense has been proven by many European Law Enforcement units.

    Sellier & Bellot XRG Defense Solid Copper Hollow-Point Carry Ammo

    About Sellier & Bellot

    Sellier & Bellot is one of the oldest companies in the shooting and defence industry. Advanced technology throughout all operations guarantees the quality of their product portfolio, which includes production of hunting and sporting ammunition for pistols & revolvers, rifles, shotguns, and rimfires. Integral parts within their range are specifically manufactured for Law Enforcement and military applications. Quality management is ensured by ISO 9001, 14001 and military standards, which are accompanied by a variety of certifications. A focus on research and development has led to a number of innovations like their NONTOX primer mixture, lead-free projectiles, and infrared tracer bullets.

    Find more information about the new XRG Defense solid copper hollow-point ammunition please check here:

    What do you think about the new S&B XRG Defense carry ammunition? Did you manage to find a favorite for your gun?

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