ATN Corp Shows Support For Ukrainian Efforts Against Russia

    ATN Corp Shows

    With the events in Ukraine still unfolding, some companies have kept quiet while others have spoken out. ATN Corp is one of the latter. ATN Corp shows no intention of keeping its voice muffled, and has announced its support for Ukraine against Russia’s invading forces.

    ATN news @ TFB:

    ATN Corp Shows

    ATN, Corp., an industry leader of innovative optics for civilian, law enforcement, and the military, announce it has opened a site on the ATN website for direct donations to help the Ukrainian people receive humanitarian supplies and equipment for their fighting forces against the unjust actions of the Russian tyrant, Putin, and his forces.

    ATN Corp Shows Support For Ukrainian Efforts Against Russia

    ATN Corp Shows

    ATN Corp has included a new page on their website that is dedicated to raising money for humanitarian and defensive aid. Marc Vayn and James Munn, the founders of ATN, included a personal statement on the page.

    …we are focused on bringing desperately needed supplies in to help Ukrainians fight. There are so many who have volunteered and are ready to fight to the end it makes your heart weep. Many have nothing more than a rifle with a few bullets.

    At this point in time, ATN has raised $153,000 for the Ukrainian people. The initial donation of $100,000 was made by Marc Vayn from his personal money.

    ATN Corp Shows

    ATN had stickers in their booth in support of Ukraine.

    If you’d like to see ATN’s support efforts for yourself, you can find the donation page on their website. While you’re there, be sure to take a look at what they offer. You can learn more from the company when you follow its social media pages. You can find ATN Corp on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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