TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #37: Travis Bundy with Maxim Defense

    TFB Behind the Gun Podcast - Travis Bundy with Maxim Defense

    Maxim Defense is a fairly well-known company within the firearms industry and they are probably most well known for their development of suppressors, and more recently, their development of short-barreled rifle ammunition which tumbles upon impact to increase terminal performance. Today, TFB Editor in Chief has Travis Bundy on the show with him right from the SHOT Show 2022 floor to talk a bit about his history with Gemtech, his background in physics, and of course his work at Maxim Defense and what the company is currently working on for 2022.

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    TFB Behind the Gun Podcast - Travis Bundy with Maxim Defense

    TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #37: Travis Bundy with Maxim Defense

    Maxim defense is a well-known American firearms manufacturing company that produces a wide variety of firearms, ammunition, suppressors, and aftermarket firearms parts for both the civilian as well as the law enforcement and military sectors. Today, our host Pete has on Travis Bundy who once worked for Gemtech but came over to Maxim Defence to focus on developing silencers, specifically the beast of a suppressor designed specifically for the M240 Bravo General Purpose Machine Gun. Travis has a strong background in both traditional gunsmithing as well as education in physics and classical mechanics which help aid him in his quest to develop effective products for the company.

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    TFB Behind the Gun Podcast - Travis with Maxim Defense

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