POTD: The Best Of Defence Imagery in 2021 – SA80

    SA80 Exercise LION STAR
    TFB’s Photo Of The Day tries to push the excellent work done by so many photographers around the World and in the firearms industry. It’s a celebration to those who go in harm’s way trying to catch special moments like the one above. You can almost feel and hear the helicopter. The image above is a stock image for Best of Defence Imagery 2021, with the following caption:
    Exercise LION STAR 5-Cyprus 53 Enabling and Headquarters Sqn, British Army conduct patrols as part of Ex LION STAR 5 at RAF Akrotiri with a staged medevac from 84 Squadron (search and Rescue), RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus. RAF Akrotiri hosted 53 Enabling and Headquarters Squadron (provides communication, catering and administrative output and port enabling capabilities to 104 Logistics Brigade), whilst they conducted Exercise LION STAR. Working with 84 Sqn the exercise, conducted over four weeks with challenging temperatures, was a resounding success, demonstrating preparedness at its best.
    Here is an overview of the SA80 firearm (Source):

    SA80 is the designation for a revolutionary family of assault weapons. On its introduction, it proved so accurate that the Army marksmanship tests had to be redesigned.

    SA80 A2 comprises the Individual Weapon (IW) and the Light Support Weapon (LSW).

    These are the British Army’s standard combat weapons. Made by Heckler and Koch, they fire NATO standard 5.56 x 45mm ammunition.

    Both weapons have been modified in light of operational experience. A major mid-life update in 2002 resulted in the SA80A2 series – the most reliable weapons of their type in the world. This reliability is combined with accuracy, versatility and ergonomic design. It is considered a first-class weapon system and world leader in small arms.

    Photo and Information from: Cpl Phil Dye. Copyright: UK MOD © Crown copyright 2021. British Army.