Zastava Arms USA Now Offering Factory California Compliant M70

    California Compliant M70

    The new California Compliant M70 Rifle

    Some of us aren’t fortunate enough to live in a state that allows for things like threaded barrels, standard capacity magazines, or even pistol grips. Before some of you inevitably chime in with “jUsT MOvE“, please understand that moving to a whole new state is a lot more involved than leaving your parent’s basement. You’ll find out one day I’m sure. I’m getting off-topic. Living in states like California does make enjoying our hobby more difficult, but not impossible. And Zastava Arms USA is there for you with their California Compliant M70.

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    California Compliant M70

    Left Side view of the California compliant M70

    According to Zastava’s Social Media:

    Introducing California legal ZPAPM70 ( Let’s call it CaliPAP) featuring fixed aluminum triangle stock, 10/30 pinned magazine, fin grip, polymer handguards that will allow installation of the included cleaning rod. This all black ZPAP will make you as cool as you can be in Cali!

    Have your dealer get in touch with our distributors . ‘For the list of our partners go to

    California Compliant M70

    A view of the finned grip and Aluminum triangle stock.

    The Specs:

    • 7.62 x 39mm
    • Semi automatic gas operated system
    • Double stack bolt
    • 1.5mm bulged trunnion receiver
    • Cold hammer forged chrome lined barrel
    • 10/30 round polymer pinned magazine
    • Bolt hold open notch on safety selector
    • Adjustable front & rear iron sights
    • 7.9 Lbs
    • 37″ overall length
    • 16.3″ barrel length
    • Black polymer furniture with fin grip and fixed Aluminum triangle stock

    Too many times we go shopping online for firearms and see “Not available in XYZ states”. And while I’m personally lucky enough to not have to worry about such things where I live, I can understand how frustrating it must be for my fellow enthusiasts. With any luck, this will continue to be a trend from all manufacturers allowing everyone to partake in the fun that is our hobby!

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    All images from Zastava Arms USA Facebook page

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