POTD: Tracker Arms HG-105 Shotgun via Tactical Imports Corp.

    HG-105 Shotgun

    Last time we had a look at Tactical Imports Corp. (Ontario, Canada) we enjoyed a Type 81 LMG. In this Photo Of The Day, we’re going bullpup AND shotgun at the same time. Here we have the HG-105 shotgun. The manufacturer is Tracker Arms and this is a Non-Restricted Firearm in Canada.


    Here’s part of the description from Tactical Imports Corp.:

    The HG-105 is a semi-auto gas-piston operated detachable magazine bullpup shotgun. It has a 12 Gauge 3” chamber with a 18.5” barrel. The bullpup configuration allows for a smaller overall length without a compromise in barrel length. This configuration results in a center/rear biased weight distribution, which reduces strain during long periods of use and increases transition speed in CQB and action shooting scenarios. The detachable magazine allows for easy and rapid reloading over conventional tube type systems. Magazine seating is straight insertion style, allowing for smooth and simplistic reloads.

    It features a monolithic top picatinny rail, height adjustable check rest, and a bottom picatinny rail. Upper receiver is constructed from aluminum while the lower is polymer. 4140 Steel Barrel with interchangeable chokes. Economically priced $200-500 less than comparable alternatives on the Canadian market, with no compromises made in quality or design.

    Like all of the products imported by Tactical Imports, the HG-105 was thoroughly tested to ensure the utmost in reliability and durability, and is backed with a 2 year warranty.

    Comes with manual, one 5 round magazine, padded soft case, angled foregrip and detachable flip-up iron sights.


    To find out more please check: http://www.tacticalimports.ca/hg105-p-541.html

    What do you think about the HG-105 Shotgun?

    Photo source: Tactical Imports Corp.