KE Arms is Selling Off Their Blemished Chrome Bolt Groups

    KE Arms is selling off their Blemished Chrome Bolt Groups

    KE Arms has come to the fore in recent years as one of the most recognizable names in the firearms industry. Most of this is due to their recent work on the WWSD 2020 rifle, however, many including myself have come to appreciate some of their other components for their durability and quality.  In an email sent out on the 22nd of February, KE Arms announced that they had just finished their large run of Chrome Bolt Groups and would be selling off the remaining blemished chrome bolt groups for a reduced price until supplies run out.

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    KE Arms is selling off their Blemished Chrome Bolt Groups

    KE Arms is Selling Off Their Blemished Chrome Bolt Groups

    We’ve come to the end of a big production run of chrome bolt groups and its time to sell off all the fall outs for cosmetic and engraving issues.  These bolt groups are 100% functional, they’re just not up to our normal standards for finish or engraving.

    Semi-Auto/ Full Auto M16 Complete bolt carrier group made by Young Manufacturing Inc. using MILSPEC quality steel on our in-house CNC machines. All carriers are then heat-treated, hard-chromed and each carrier is chrome-lined in the bolt throat.

    – Standard MIL-SPEC carrier with additional care taken during machining process

    – Sharp edges and rough finishes eliminated. Will NOT shred fingers and operates smoothly

    – Hard chromed after heat treatment

    – Made of same steel and using same processes as our National Match but to standard MILSPEC design

    – The HMB Bolt by HM Defense eliminates the pass through cam pin hole and replaces it with a cam pin socket and radiused cam pin design. The new patented design eliminates the natural weak point of Mil-Spec bolts by significantly increasing the amount of metal (and strength) at the cam pin location. The result- NO MORE BROKEN BOLTS! The HMB Bolt also reduces contact between cam pin and firing pin, enabling smoother operation of firing pin, bolt lugs and aft gas rings. The new cam pin socket also retains lubrication for extended operations.

    – Also includes our recoil lug supported gas key

    *Engraving may not be present in the interest of expediting orders.

    KE Arms is selling off their Blemished Chrome Bolt Groups

    If you’ve been interested in acquiring one of these slightly blemished components from KE Arms, now may be a good time to pick one up with a near $75 discount. KE Arms will have both their blemished chrome M-16 complete bolt carrier groups as well as their slick-sided completed bolt carrier groups on sale for the same price of $224.95 each. Have any of you had experience with KE Arms Chrome Bolt Carrier Groups? If so, what have your experiences been, and do you think they are worth the asking price? Thoughts and comments are always welcome down below.

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